Ensure the Safety of All Parties Involved During a Strike

Should labor negotiations break down, and the safety and security of employees become a paramount concern, AFIMAC can deploy strike security personnel specifically trained to handle response scenarios. Our staff understands the legalities of a labor strike or plant closure and can act appropriately in any situation.

AFIMAC strike security officers are routinely called on to act with the utmost professionalism to ensure events remain non-confrontational. Strike security officers understand how to provide secure transportation for employees who chose to cross the picket lines, respecting all parties involved. The goal of AFIMAC's strike security personnel is to ensure that all assets and staff are protected, so both union officials and management negotiators can resume positive relations once the labor strike has been resolved.

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Elite-Level Strike Security Services

While AFIMAC annually receives applications from more than 7,000 candidates for its strike security positions, fewer than 8 percent of applicants qualify and are of sufficient caliber to be hired as AFIMAC strike security personnel and deployed for labor disputes.

All strike security officers complete classroom training on labor disputes, plant closures, and emergency response situations. Additional computer-based on-line training allows strike security recruits to train anywhere across the United States and Canada, at any time of the year. AFIMAC's strike security coordinators and supervisors complete detailed assessments, including post-dispute reviews, of all strike security personnel. Reviewed by our operations management team, these documents ensure all emergency response personnel continue to develop and receive additional on-line training as required.

AFIMAC is proud that we have never had our strike security personnel charged with violating any laws while assisting with a strike security situation. AFIMAC's continued dedication to training, developing, and managing its strike security teams ensures that it remains the industry leader in assisting clients through a labor strike.
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