Replacement Workers for Construction: Supporting Employers During Labor Shortages

February 18, 2024

Replacement Workers For Construction Sites

Replacement workers for construction sites might be some of the only options available to employers experiencing persistent labor shortages. Worker sentiment continues to shift in favor of remote work environments and less on manual labor, leaving some employers struggling to recruit youth and qualified talent, even with improved employment offerings.

As the construction industry continues to age, employers in both Canada and the United States should be considering every option to manage worker shortages that can bring productivity to a standstill. AFIMAC can work alongside any construction employer for their temporary labor and staffing needs, offering solutions in the short term while the business continues to recruit locally.

Replacement Workers For Construction illustrated by a construction site in Manitoba.

Why Are There Labor Shortages in Construction?

The entire construction industry remains in desperate need of an injection of youth as more skilled tradespeople retire and fewer young people consider a career path in manual labor. While worker sentiment has shifted towards career paths that are more comfortable and offer the prospect of working from home, traditional on-site and manual labor careers simply don’t have the same appeal as they once did.

NPR reported that construction job openings in 2023 hit 129,000, even as the overall job market saw a decrease in job openings.

The demand for construction labor continues to steadily increase, as does the need for roads, general infrastructure, and affordable housing across the continent.  

Considering Replacement Workers For Construction Sites

In the short term, there simply is no immediate solution to labor shortages that have persisted post-pandemic. Even as employers offer increased salaries and job-site training, the prospect of working in an industry that can wear away at the human body might have young people exploring other career paths, even if they pay less. Labor shortages in rural towns have also been especially problematic, and expecting skilled talent to move their entire lives to rural parts of the country is a difficult selling point. 

Each employer will need to tap into their local talent pool. However, when such human resources run dry, a complete rethinking of the appeal of the construction industry will be necessary. Selling the industry and answering the why is likely the key to attracting youth in the long term, especially when there are so many different career paths available.

Temporary Labor for Construction

Even as local temp agencies recruit from the same talent pools as employers do, these organizations may have few answers for an employer’s need for skilled labor. Fortunately, AFIMAC has maintained a mobile workforce of skilled laborers who are transported to your job site when labor shortages present the risk of a dip in productivity. By exploring beyond the immediate area, employers can leap over shortages and gain access to labor during these challenging times.

AFIMAC’s database of skilled workers includes tradespeople who can support a construction site, working alongside existing teams to supply demand.

Read more about the ever-growing temporary worker database of AFIMAC Global.

Human Resource Solutions from AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC is likely to be one of the few temporary agencies that has skilled talent ready and available to be deployed to an employer’s job site. Our contingent workforces are accustomed to both short and long bursts of work, including assignments in rural locations where skilled labor isn’t available. AFIMAC handles every detail of transportation and accommodations while the employer gains access to the talent needed to make ends meet in the short term.

As effective recruitment takes time and money, AFIMAC can help your business plan ahead for critical labor shortages, calling upon human resources when they are needed most. Simply having a plan in place can help employers avoid disruptions, as engaging with AFIMAC comes at very little cost to the client.

Connect with us directly by filling out the form below to learn more about our supplemental labor options and see if our services are the right fit for your business. We have proudly served well-known brands and corporations across Canada and the United States, offering solutions to labor challenges that can negatively impact your bottom line. Our workforces come with an incredible array of skill sets, with solutions tailored to each employer. 

Consider every option at your disposal including replacement workers for construction; contact us today to learn more.

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