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Executive Travel Concerns
Soar for These Nations
Experiencing Unrest

Executive Travel Concerns Soar for These Nations Experiencing Unrest

January 25, 2024

Executive Travel, Security, and Protection from Global Unrest

Executive travel services from AFIMAC Global are typically reserved for business travel to South America, but the global political landscape has continued to shift in a troubling direction. Today, executive and business travel has prompted deeper security concerns as political unrest is far more unpredictable than ever. Protests, marches, and massive political demonstrations being experienced internationally should have employers and senior leadership revisiting their duty of care measures. 

Consider if your business has done enough to protect your workforce and executive leadership teams from the security risks that can shift in a matter of moments. Many destinations that were once incredibly safe for executives and business travelers to visit are now showing heightened risk profiles, calling on employers to take additional measures to protect their workforces. Know which destinations call for heightened security precautions and fulfill your duty of care obligations alongside AFIMAC Global.

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Executive Travel Destinations with Heightened Risk Profiles

Travel risks have emerged beyond South America, where AFIMAC has historically served North American executives. When threat landscapes shift in an uncertain direction, AFIMAC can provide executive travel services, including close protection agents, protective drivers, and threat monitoring that work to keep your staff safe during uncertain times.

Bolster your duty of care efforts for these destinations experiencing heated global unrest.

Executive Travel Risks to the United Kingdom

Mass demonstrations have clogged the city streets of London, creating dangerous circumstances for anyone visiting for business. A country that sees thousands of year-round visitors from across the world now poses unique risks, where protests and counter-protests could prompt heated confrontations, political violence, and even wrongful detention. The United Kingdom has long had a reputation for being incredibly friendly to global travelers, but employers will need to consider every option during these uncertain times. 

Protests in London can not only disrupt travel arrangements but are also incredibly unpredictable, often catching unsuspecting executive travelers who do not have the proper security arrangements in place. 

Executive Travel Concerns – Paris, France

Political demonstrations in France have drawn hundreds of thousands of members of the public in support of both sides of the political spectrum. These rallies aren’t exclusive to major cities; they have also occurred in rural parts of the country. In France, protestors have clashed with local police, blocked off roadways between downtown cores and international airports, and have seen participation from political groups known for partaking in violence.

While executive travel to France has historically come with limited security risks, now is the time to explore duty-of-care solutions that leverage both physical security resources and intelligence solutions to keep staff safe. 

Executive Travel to Germany and Increased Threat Landscapes

German officials have attempted to restrict ongoing political demonstrations in the country, leading to mass arrests as the public pushes back on such measures. Cities like Berlin and Frankfurt have become home to flash protests and clashes with local police, including injuries sustained to community members and local police. Protestors are often met with pepper spray and rubber bullets as authorities try to restrict the ability of certain political groups to voice their opinions publicly.

The end result is a contentious and dangerous situation for anyone caught in the middle of such political unrest. New risks have emerged, and political unrest could flare up at any time, causing concerns for employers who have sent their staff to Germany for the sake of work.

Executive Travel Security Services Offered by AFIMAC Global

Lean on AFIMAC to consider the risks of sending your staff to Europe and leverage information in an effort to prevent reasonable harm to traveling executives. Looking beyond traditional security services, one of the simplest ways to ensure effective duty of care is to leverage information to help monitor and predict issues like political violence and wrongful detention before they happen. 

The intelligence monitoring tools of AFIMAC allow employers to be made aware of present risks at various destinations, gathering information and monitoring political unrest before it occurs. In the event that demonstrations threaten the safety of your workforce, be notified in an instant, shift travel arrangements, and avoid disruptions before your staff is harmed. There are many clues that are revealed online before a political demonstration occurs, and AFIMAC can help gather and assess risks before your workforce ever leaves the job site.

In especially complex threat landscapes, executives can prepare themselves with protective agents that accompany them through every step of the way.

Connect with us directly and learn more about the AFIMAC Global duty of care options available to employers who are concerned about travel risks during these challenging times. Careful preparation can work to mitigate security risks during travel, helping employers take reasonable precautions to prevent security incidents and personal injuries.

Fill out the form below to learn more about your options and speak with an AFIMAC representative. Contact us today.

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