Residential Security Services That Addresses Concerns of Home Invasion

Residential Security Services

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Residential Security Services For Senior Leadership

Residential security services can support executives, politicians, or religious leaders concerned about home invasions. The needs of executives have been pushed into the spotlight after a recent home invasion in Ontario, Canada. The small residential town of Milton experienced a violent home invasion in which one intruder was shot dead in what was reported by news outlets as an act of self-defense. The resident himself was charged with second-degree murder, raising concerns over what exactly is considered self-defense in Canada. For any politician or business leader who has thought about using executive protection services, there is a complex lesson to be learned about what could happen if security issues are not addressed alongside a qualified security company.

Residential security services illustrated by a home invader creeping into a home.

The recent news out of Ontario comes just after a similar incident occurred in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in January of 2022. A home invader was stabbed to death by a resident, with no formal murder charges being laid on the resident. The confusion regarding self-defense sets up a complex set of issues for any executive in North America. These laws differ between countries, and a legal grey area could result in a senior leader facing criminal charges when defending their own safety or personal property. The best residential security offerings preemptively address risks to the home and deter intruders before executives ever have to defend themselves.

Questions Answered on Behalf of AFIMAC

Leave residential security services to the qualified professionals at AFIMAC to assess risk, identify threats, and secure your home and property. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding executive protection and residential security solutions.

What Does a Residential Security Team Include?

Each executive’s situation is diverse and calls for varying protection solutions. Security companies such as AFIMAC will conduct a risk analysis around the home and advise on the best course of action. Not every executive lives in a gated community; many reside in residential neighborhoods outside major cities. 

Each property will have different needs, which could include the use of 24/7 protective agents, the installation of surveillance systems, and ongoing threat monitoring that predicts issues before they pose any real security risk.

What Do Residential Security and Protective Agents Do?

When a residential security team is deployed, they are tasked with patrolling the residence, regularly monitoring video surveillance systems, and conducting safety checks throughout the home. Protective agents will report on their findings if any part of the home or surveillance equipment is tampered with and control the flow of people moving in and out of the house. This is often referred to as “access control,” where entrance points on a property are secured by protective agents who continuously monitor who enters and leaves the property.

What Is a Residential Risk Assessment?

For politicians and executives who face especially complex security concerns, ongoing risk assessments can work to ensure the safety of your workplace and your home. When third-party security companies assess the security of a home, vulnerabilities are often spotted that could put residents at risk of a home invasion. The results of a residential risk assessment for an executive could reveal issues with a home’s fencing, current security efforts, or security lightning.

What Role Does Social Media Play in Residential Security?

AFIMAC takes a 360-degree approach to residential security and executive protection, considering the security risks that social media may play in securing the home. The well-known and public-facing executive who regularly posts about their life may be increasing the risk of a  home invasion.

The highly motivated criminal who is considering a home invasion will often take a close look at their target’s social media profile, including friends and family. Should an executive post online about their recent vacation or business trip, it could open the door to complex home invasion risks.

Solutions Provided by AFIMAC

When threats against an executive or politician arise, AFIMAC can be leaned on to address every complication and work to secure your home. Executives and public-facing individuals often face difficulties and security issues that are exclusive to them that must be addressed. Explore protective agents and security resources that address concerns of home invasion and actively work to protect what matters most to you.

As a security company, AFIMAC is unique in that not only can residential security services and executive protection agents be dispatched quickly to your home, but ongoing threat monitoring can predict security issues before they impact the home. Take a proactive approach to residential security and executive protection alongside the specialists at AFIMAC.

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