Address Corporate Fraud and Theft in its Many Forms

Theft and fraud can eat away at corporate profits in companies, both large and small. AFIMAC investigators have been called in to unravel insidious plots such as employees stealing meat from a packaging plant, as well as uncovering unexplained losses at a major trucking company. In each case, AFIMAC investigators worked with the client to understand how the theft and fraud came to light, prepare a targeted investigative plan, pinpoint the source of the loss, and document the steps that lead to recovery.

AFIMAC goes far beyond corporate investigations and provides wide-ranging services, including corporate due diligence, trademark investigations, and develop procedures to prevent workplace violence. Corporate services offered by AFIMAC are explicitly tailored to meet the needs of clients.

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AFIMAC offers corporate clients a wide range of services to curb fraud, protect intellectual property, and ensure the safety of workers. This includes investigations of all kinds into the inner workings of a corporation, identifying potential problems, and advising on the best course of action.

Corporate and Personal Due Diligence

Confirm the integrity of clients and employees with AFIMAC due diligence services.

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Corporate Theft and Fraud Investigations

Put an end to corporate theft and fraud in your workplace.

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Trademark Investigation

Protect your identity and intellectual property with the help of AFIMAC trademark investigations.

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Workplace Violence

Create strategies for your workforce to prevent workplace violence.

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Undercover Investigation

Discover fraud and uncover problems within your workforce with undercover investigations.

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