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Protective Agents At Your Service 24-7

June 9, 2023

Protective Agents and Executive Security Solutions 

Protective agents from AFIMAC embrace a 360-degree approach, with security available around the clock for those who need it most. AFIMAC VIP protection and executive security solutions are different from traditional offerings. 

While many security risks are unspoken among executives and VIPs, a real-life threat against your safety can be a terrifying experience. When an executive, media personality, or celebrity partners with AFIMAC, no detail is ever overlooked. AFIMAC’s service offerings are perfect for those who face complex threats, capable of addressing the risks of physical harm, home invasion, and active shooter situations.

When Should Leadership Call On 24/7 Protective Agents?

Executives know all too well that there are a number of complex risks that come along with representing a major corporation. Those who work in the public eye or are well-known company representatives often attract unwanted attention, both on and off the job site. The same applies to politicians, leaders of small towns or entire countries, who continuously have their policies and work dissected online. In certain cases, those who are well known to the public experience far more than general banter online but instead face threats from anonymous email accounts and social media profiles. 

While bad actors may hide behind the veil of social media, the security risks that these threats present are very serious. Left unaddressed, executives who fail to manage these risks create several workplace security threats that could put coworkers at risk.

Vandalism, break and enter, and instances of assault are unfortunate consequences of not properly addressing threats against executives and politicians. There is even a possibility that these threats will spill out of the workplace and into the homes of executives.

World-Class In-Person Home Security

There are several unfortunate occasions when executive protection at the job site simply isn’t enough, and security risks begin to occur at the homes of VIPs. Executives who are navigating a difficult labor strike or politicians who have been forced to make unpopular decisions could be at risk of a home invasion or an organized protest.

A protective agent poses for a photo.

While these issues pose serious personal safety risks, they also create risks for your family and should never be taken lightly. Senior leaders might be surprised at how easily criminals can uncover personal details about their lives, often digging through social media to expose home addresses and phone numbers. When this information falls into the wrong hands, the safety of an executive’s home can be compromised, often calling for full-service protective agents to manage such risks. Security resources provided on behalf of AFIMAC move quickly to address such risks, locking down a VIP’s home and monitoring threats around the clock.

Threat Monitoring & Risk Management

What makes AFIMAC’s service offerings so unique is its capability to tap into the conversations being held online, predicting the actions of criminals who are jeopardizing your safety. Oftentimes, planned protests and demonstrations are discussed in detail online, while some bad actors may detail their plans before indulging in them. The social listening tools of AFIMAC help our protective agents mitigate risks well before they occur, working closely with executives and their families to ensure their protection even when a serious threat has been issued.

Close protective drivers, executive protection agents, and robust access control resources offered by AFIMAC mean senior leaders can focus on their work rather than the noise online. Ensure executives are secure at home and the office by conducting ongoing threat monitoring that keeps senior leaders one step ahead of those who pose a security risk.

Full-Service Security Solutions from AFIMAC

The full-service security offerings of AFIMAC truly offer peace of mind when threats are issued against executives, politicians, and individuals in the public eye. AFIMAC executive protection services leave no details unaddressed, can accompany their VIPs to and from the workplace, and even manage international travel arrangements. Many of these services actively address an employer’s duty of care obligations, illustrating a corporation’s commitment to providing a safe and secure workplace.

Explore full-service executive protection resources that are highly capable of mitigating the complex risks faced by executives and VIPs in 2024. AFIMAC conducts extensive planning and risk mitigation strategies that have addressed the security concerns of many Fortune 500 companies and politicians. 

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January 18th, 2024 Update:

You are in the absolute best of hands. AFIMAC remains entirely non-political, capable, and willing to serve people from all walks of life and across every side of the political spectrum. We welcome religious leaders, politicians, media personalities, pro athletes, and film and television stars to connect with us for the best executive protection services in North America.

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