Ensuring Safe Travel with AFIMAC Security Drivers

Executives and high-asset individuals often face unique threats that the everyday person is typically not exposed to. AFIMAC clients might require security detail services, in addition to security drivers either at home or during travel. Security driver services can be tailored to meet the needs of an executive or their family, ensuring safe travel.

AFIMAC security drivers are highly trained and practice daily surveillance detection techniques that can recognize potential threats well in advance and address them before they occur. Once an advance notice of a client’s itinerary is received, AFIMAC drivers will select appropriate routes along with alternates, and design an unpredictable schedule that maximizes security and safety during daily commutes or event-related travel.

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Highly Trained Drivers Can Ensure the Safety of an Executive and Their Family

Emergency evacuation contingencies are also a vital component of the driver's security plan, noting safe havens along each route. Security drivers are highly capable of ensuring the safety of clients and can act quickly to address ongoing emergencies and changes of itineraries.
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