A young man workers in manufacturing while his employer ponders recruitment strategies to support his business and workforce.

Recruiting Strategies for
Sourcing Manufacturing

Recruitment Strategies for Sourcing Manufacturing Workers

October 16, 2023

Recruitment Strategies Offered by AFIMAC Global

Recruiting strategies that have worked in the past are simply not yielding the same results as they once did, and many employers will be looking to rethink their approach. Recruitment in the manufacturing industry has never been easy. With persistent labor shortages, a competitive job market, and a lack of available talent in rural parts of North America, business owners might be wondering how to attract applicants during a tight job market.

Consider what needs to be changed with your current recruitment strategy to be successful, and lean on AFIMAC to provide resources when labor shortages threaten the productivity of your business.

Recruitment Strategies: Hiring in Manufacturing

These are the top recruitment strategies for hiring manufacturing workers in North America.

Recruitment Strategies for manufacturing workers illustrated by a worker using a screen in a production facility.

Identify and Recruit Those with Soft Skills

Reconsider experience and education requirements that have been in place for years, as they may need to change to address recruitment challenges and build strong workforces. Identify applicants with soft skills such as problem-solving, commitment, and communication; they could develop into skilled workers in the future.

Youth Will Help Build Long-Term Productivity

Employers will need to connect with youth in order to build strong workforces, and that means connecting with them directly. Explore social media campaigns, connect with local schools, and host public events to build a reputation within your immediate community. Your employment opportunities should showcase the important skills they will develop with your organization and help them build a fruitful career and a comfortable living.

Communicate Company Culture 

All work and no play make for an unattractive job opportunity. Company culture makes your business attractive to prospective workers, and without it, available talent might be looking for a more fulfilling role. In your job descriptions, clearly explain what makes your company different from the others, along with the culture that builds relationships with coworkers and makes coming to work enjoyable. Should your company not have any culture, events, or team building, reconsider what you, as the employer, can do to make work opportunities more pleasurable for all.

Time Is of the Essence

With such a competitive job market, consider looking at your recruitment process and the time it takes from the initial interview to the first day on the job. Some employers may wish to take their time and ensure each hire fits their culture, but some of the best candidates are likely shopping around and exploring multiple employment opportunities. Cut down your recruitment time and expedite the hiring process before top workers move on.

Look Beyond Your Immediate Neighborhood

The simple truth may be that there isn’t enough talent to fill the available work opportunities in your immediate location. Rural towns across North America continue to experience ongoing labor shortages that have persisted post-pandemic, while major cities continue to attract talent with less complication. At times, employers may need to create work opportunities that are so enticing that workers will be motivated to leave major cities and build a life in rural North America. This could include apprenticeship programs, living arrangements, or attractive compensation packages that encourage talent to want to work for you. 

Recruitment Strategies and Contingent Labor Solutions from AFIMAC

When there isn’t enough talent to fill available opportunities, traditional recruitment agencies explore the same hiring pool as many employers. AFIMAC remains unique in that we maintain a deep database of skilled talent in the manufacturing sector, helping you address critical labor shortages while bringing talent to you. Should a lack of available talent threaten the viability of your business, AFIMAC can source talent, bring them to your job site, and mitigate the risks of labor shortages with entire contingent workforces.

Lean on the expertise of AFIMAC contingent labor specialists who continue to build deep customer relationships with our manufacturing clients. Contact us today to learn more about how AFIMAC can help you source labor and build workforces that can navigate labor shortages impacting your business. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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