Logistical Solutions for Corporations of Any Size

Natural disasters and labor stoppages can grow to become an incredible logistical challenge for companies. The safety and transportation of employees and materials can become increasingly complicated. AFIMAC can offer a complete response to such concerns. For over 30 years, AFIMAC has supported governments and Fortune 500 companies facing these matters.

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AFIMAC Has Successfully Assisted Over 5,000 Clients

Following a natural disaster or throughout a work stoppage, many employees must continue to work, either by crossing picket lines or in a compromised facility. AFIMAC can provide logistical support to address any challenge a corporation may face. This includes specialty transportation, base camp services, mobile kitchens with food and water, generators, tables, chairs, beds, linens, bathroom facilities, portable showers, dormitories, and trailers. These self-contained trailers can be deployed rapidly, while AFIMAC’s fleet of trucks and busses can offer solutions to transportation challenges faced by corporations.
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