About AFIMAC Global

An executive team gathers to discuss the risk management and contingent labor offerings from AFIMAC Global.

About AFIMAC Global

For more than 40 years, AFIMAC has offered emergency response, labor strike security, risk management, and business continuity services to image-conscious companies across North America. AFIMAC prides itself on partnering with its clients to protect people and property both during times of crisis and regular business operations. With the industry’s leading senior management team having unparalleled security expertise in its market, these professionals offer an assortment of pre-crisis contingency planning and premium security and emergency response solutions to governments and businesses representing nearly every industry.

AFIMAC continues to expand its offerings to speak to the unpredictable nature of labor disputes, political unrest, and natural disasters. Our equipment offerings and rental programs speak to an employer’s or government’s needs to quickly pivot and avoid disruption, offering a wide range of human resources, continuity planning, and mobile support assets.

Why Choose AFIMAC?

About AFIMAC Global

100% of clients who have contracted AFIMAC have maintained their desired level of operation during a crisis

AFIMAC adheres to budgets.

100% of AFIMAC clients confirm that we strictly adhere to budget, with final costs on delivered services matching initial projections.

Emergency response for governments and private businesses.

AFIMAC’s experience providing emergency services during times of crisis surpasses that of all our competitors combined.

Learn More About AFIMAC Global

An executive protection agent from AFIMAC Global stationed outside a political office. Learn more about AFIMAC Global.New clients can reach out to AFIMAC directly by filling out the form below. Gain insight into the incredible service offerings from AFIMAC Global, tailored specifically to the needs of senior leadership and employers across North America. Our offerings continue to evolve and include a wide range of private investigation, security, and contingent workforces that speak to the unique needs of executive leadership. AFIMAC also has very few logistical boundaries, with offerings available to clients in cities and remote towns alike.

We are proud to serve an incredibly diverse range of clients. As a company, AFIMAC is entirely non-political and highly capable of serving clients from all walks of life and political affiliations.

Contact us now to learn more about the available continuity and risk management solutions that provide world-class peace of mind for the many senior leaders of North America. Or, follow along on LinkedIn.