AFIMAC Stands as the Leader in Corporate Intelligence and Investigations

The number and sophistication of potential threats a company faces are growing daily. AFIMAC's corporate investigation team is a valued partner in protecting companies from losses perpetrated by determined criminals, both inside and outside the organization. Using AFIMAC's risk analysis programs and investigative strategies, companies can set policies that ensure staff are held accountable, profits are retained, and losses are kept to a minimum.

AFIMAC employs only experienced and licensed investigators with unique expertise and the specific skills needed to perform diverse assignments in challenging circumstances. The investigative team uses a proven five-step process that enables them to understand the issues and present the evidence in an unbiased manner that withstands the scrutiny of both courts and insurance companies.

Benefits Claims Investigations

AFIMAC investigators can gather necessary information and evidence in the event an employee is falsely receiving benefits.

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Technical Services

Find gaps in your company’s computer policies and uncover fraud. Ensure the quality of your workforce with background checks for employment. Manage the risk of electronic sabotage with AFIMAC's team of security experts.

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Corporate Services

Conduct due diligence on people and organizations through AFIMAC’s legal, financial, and law enforcement communities. Combat corporate theft and fraud with discreet investigations provided by AFIMAC. Don't ignore the potential for workplace violence incidents. AFIMAC can assist with policies, procedures, and training that can help keep your clients and employees safe. Expose theft and fraud in the workplace with undercover investigations by AFIMAC.

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