Coordinating Supplemental Labor to Address Labor Stoppages and Natural Disasters

When companies need temporary labor, AFIMAC continues to be recognized as the industry leader. Since its inception in 1982, AFIMAC has provided more temporary workers for clients in all types of industries, including Fortune 500 enterprises, than any other provider. Should a temporary supplemental labor force be needed for targeted situations or specific time frames, AFIMAC can provide the most qualified temporary workers, particularly in the skilled trades.

Drawing on AFIMAC's vast database of personnel skilled in specific trades and emergency services, a temporary workforce can be assembled quickly to help the company affected by natural disasters or labor disputes weather the storm. Bringing in ancillary staff with specific skills can minimize downtime and relieve highly-stressed employees. AFIMAC can recruit temporary workers who are accustomed to working in remote locations or less-than-ideal conditions. Their goal will be clear: restore the area to pre-event conditions while eliminating unnecessary costs.

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Full-Service Supplemental Labor Solutions Offered Globally

AFIMAC routinely studies areas of the country that present the best opportunity to secure temporary personnel. This customized labor market research identifies locales where facilities have downsized, closed, or where markets are currently depressed. With a detailed understanding of a client’s personnel needs, the AFIMAC team seeks out individuals with the needed job skills to perform the necessary tasks for the period defined by the client.

All individuals recruited by AFIMAC are interviewed to ascertain whether their skills and demeanor are appropriate for each client’s temporary assignment. Often, temporary work is conducted in a high-pressure environment, and AFIMAC’s screening process ensures that selected individuals can work at maximum levels even if conditions are not ideal. If the client requires specific assessments, AFIMAC’s staff will conduct that testing.

To manage a supplemental workforce efficiently and effectively, AFIMAC requires that its administrative personnel be on site. The AFIMAC management team is responsible for ensuring its staff are at work, handling all administrative concerns, and resolving any disciplinary issues that involve AFIMAC personnel, certifying the continuity of service. By accepting management responsibility for its staff, AFIMAC relieves clients of any additional administrative tasks in situations that (while temporary) can be highly stressful.

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