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Risk Assessment Services

Risk Assessment Services By AFIMAC Global

February 9, 2023

Risk Assessment: Identify Security Threats & Risks of All Kinds

A risk assessment is one of the many tools available to the leaders who are tasked with identifying and mitigating risk before it grows into a greater issue. Property risk assessments, when conducted alongside a qualified security company, can help to identify security risks against your business and mitigate threats that tend to arise during especially complex protests and strikes. Risk evaluations for corporate travel and online threats are also included, should they be required. When used appropriately, risk assessments can promote ongoing business continuity and help build a business that is resilient to risk and disruption of all kinds, including natural disasters.

AFIMAC is the global leader in risk assessments for corporations of all sizes, offering solutions that can protect both people and property. Explore dynamic risk assessments alongside the specialists at AFIMAC that can be conducted on multiple job sites, helping to manage internal losses, and identify security threats before they impact your business’s productivity. 

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Looking Beyond The Obvious With an AFIMAC Risk Assessment

Corporate risk knows no boundaries in 2023, and everything from labor disruptions, strikes, unionization, theft, and fraud challenges the productivity of your business. This year, labor stoppages are a real possibility, especially in the manufacturing, warehouse, and logistics industries. These industries that work in concert with global supply chains require extensive risk mitigation efforts, particularly if there are concerns about internal theft, workplace fraud, and labor strikes.

AFIMAC is unique in that we can identify risks directly within the workplace and beyond. Careful risk assessments are just the first step in managing threats against your business.Considering Labor Stoppages and Worker Strikes

The likelihood of labor stoppages has soared in 2023, and industries that employ unionized workforces should carefully consider the possibility of a labor strike that will bring productivity to a halt. Risk assessments and pre-strike planning can mitigate the security concerns from a difficult strike and ensure the safety of everyone involved, including striking workers and executives. Picket lines have a history of turning sour in a matter of minutes, and executives often face the wrath of disgruntled employees on and off the job site. 

The industries that commit to extensive risk assessments can carefully plan for labor stoppages, protect their senior leaders, and bring labor unrest to an end as quickly and amicably as possible. AFIMAC’s risk assessments identify labor stoppages and unionization attempts well before they happen, with several effective and discreet services. When a strike occurs, AFIMAC can analyze the threats against your workplace and executive team, and dispatch security resources in record time. 

Security Risks Stemming For Corporate Travel

Corporate travel remains especially complex for workforces, media, and executives, as places like Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia present significant risks. Without proper risk assessments, employers could be sending their staff into dangerous situations. AFIMAC remains keenly aware of the risks of international corporate travel, with security resources across the globe. 

Lean on AFIMAC to provide country risk reports that identify geo-political concerns, road closures, and political demonstrations that can derail travel arrangements and place staff in danger.

Solutions For Digital Threats

Digital harassment has grown to be an especially problematic risk for figures within the public eye. Leading politicians, executives, and business owners have seen disgruntled employees and members of the public take their frustrations out on social media, striving to harass individuals entirely online. Slander, threats of violence, and disparaging campaigns against prominent business leaders have flourished online, creating new risks that must be addressed before they grow into real-life security issues.

AFIMAC’s risk profile assessments and social listening tools reveal important details about the online chatter regarding your business and leadership team. Online investigations can spot bad actors attempting to dox private or sensitive information such as travel itineraries or home addresses.  

Risk Assessments Available on Behalf of AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC is the global leader in addressing the risks faced by politicians, executives, religious leaders, and high-net-worth individuals. Whatever threat has been uttered against you or your family, AFIMAC can provide solutions, including ongoing planning, security resources, and private investigation tools. AFIMAC’s executive protection offerings remain world-class in nature, with full-service security response no matter the circumstances.

Contact us directly to begin planning for risk in all its forms, including disasters and issues tied to criminals online and in person. You are not alone during these challenging times, connect with us directly to learn more about your options, and bring solutions directly to you, anywhere in North America.

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