Contingent Workforces for Factory Worker Strikes: The
Employer Primer

Contingent Workforces for Factory Worker Strikes: The Employer Primer

January 5, 2024

Factory Worker Strikes & Labor Dispute Management

Factory worker strikes have the potential to stall supply chains across North America. Contingent workforces are available to employers in North America who are experiencing labor disputes or a general shortage of talent. Union strikes continue to run rampant across North America, and employers should be considering what union strike solutions are available to them when the time calls for it.

Find answers to some of the most common questions regarding the contingent workforce options available to employers from AFIMAC Global. Any employer that is expecting or is currently experiencing labor disputes can lean on AFIMAC for a suite of solutions to these challenges.

Factory worker strikes illustrated by an empty factory in Rhode Island.

Business Continuity for North American Employers 

Factories, manufacturing facilities, and job sites in the shipping/receiving sector are all in the same position – at the mercy of their workforces. Employees are unionizing at a record pace, with the ultimate plan to negotiate better deals with their employers. Formal strike action can shift the balance of power in favor of workforces while employers scramble to maintain their business continuity and bring labor strikes to an end.

As each day passes, labor strikes chip away at an employer’s bottom line, cutting into profits with halts in productivity that should be carefully planned for. AFIMAC partners alongside employers who maintain fleets of general laborers, factory workers, and manufacturing professionals to provide full-service business continuity planning that includes everything from contingent workforces to labor dispute security resources. 

AFIMAC works with leadership to consider the risks facing your business, clearly outlining what options are available and helping you tap into skilled laborers in the event productivity is put at risk. Whether it is a formal labor dispute or a simple lack of local talent, AFIMAC maintains resources, along with a mobile workforce that can be deployed across North America to provide solutions to a labor shortage.

Pre-Labor Dispute Planning For Factory Worker Strikes

Planning for labor disruptions should be conducted weeks, if not months, in advance. Employers can benefit greatly from the risk mitigation planning offerings from AFIMAC, which comes at an incredibly low cost to our clients. Such planning outlines exactly what will happen in the event of a factory worker strike, dictating which human resources will be deployed to your job site in the event of a labor dispute, picket line, or a natural disaster. AFIMAC’s mobile workforce is located across North America, prepared for bursts of work at a wide variety of sites across both Canada and the United States. Much of AFIMAC’s workforce is in the low-to-medium skilled range and can be called upon on short notice.

When employers have limited options, AFIMAC delivers workforces to your job site, with all staff previously screened and vetted before their deployment. Even when employers are uncertain about the length of an upcoming labor dispute, AFIMAC can arrange for such uncertainty and ensure your business maintains continuity.

Business Continuity Options for Employers Suspecting a Labor Dispute

Labor disputes are far more difficult when an employer fails to see the warning signs and is unprepared for what comes next. While the signs aren’t always obvious, being made aware of upcoming unionization or strike action gives employers precious time to brace for the impending halt in productivity. AFIMAC can utilize several private investigation tools to get to the bottom of an employer’s hunch and monitor their workforce for a sudden shift in union sentiment or upcoming worker strikes.

Intelligence gathering, social listening, and workforce monitoring can get to the bottom of suspected unionization occurring on your job site. Lean on AFIMAC to carefully monitor public forums and social platforms to gather intelligence and spot if and when unionization will occur. AFIMAC adheres to all federal privacy laws, often tapping into conversations on social media used by your workforce. Such information is imperative to maintaining productivity and helping employers plan for the risk of a labor dispute.

Staffing Solutions and Continuity Planning Offered by AFIMAC Global

Having a plan in place is always better than being caught off guard by risks such as labor disputes. Business continuity services from AFIMAC Global help any employer plan for the unthinkable. Factory worker strikes are a likely certainty in 2023 and 2024, and employers will require contingent workforces to make ends meet during these difficult times. Ongoing labor shortages compromise an employer’s ability to supplement skeleton teams, while AFIMAC helps employers tap into laborers on short notice, saving time usually spent on recruitment or screening.

Be ready for labor disputes and the many risks facing your business. Contact us today to learn more about the full-service solutions available to employers anywhere in North America.

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Labor dispute guidance and planning is conducted with AFIAMC clients.
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