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Building security services illustrated by the NYC skyline.

Building Security Services Available Across North America

Building security services can help any property manager or owner brace for security risks in a variety of different forms. Risk management from AFIMAC considers the broader picture of risk, with services that include so much more than a traditional security guard presence. While on-site security staff are available anywhere in North America on behalf of AFIMAC, effective risk management is rooted in extensive planning, intelligence gathering, and monitoring of threats that could impact your apartments or condo complexes.

Tap into both information and security resources, along with over 30 years of experience in the security industry to keep your patrons safe while taking reasonable steps to prevent risk.

Building security services illustrated by a city skyline in North America.

Beyond Traditional Building Management Security Services

Many security companies can facilitate the deployment of a security guard to your building, but come without the extensive planning that AFIMAC can provide. Inspired by the risk mitigation strategies of the American military, AFIMAC can help property managers or existing security teams plan for both unlikely and likely risk scenarios. This could be anything from fire, or inclement weather, to more serious possibilities like active shooter scenarios and political protests.

Much of the processes of AFIMAC begin with an initial risk assessment, along with a proposal that is unique to your security needs. Lean on AFIMAC security specialists to uncover details of risk that would otherwise be overlooked by your internal security efforts, and draft up plans for the worst possible scenario. AFIMAC can collaborate with your own security staff, provide training, and support your workforce in times of need.

Consider that truly anything can happen to your residential complex or condo properties. Whether you need additional security to direct traffic, additional support staff for property maintenance, or a second opinion on your own internal security practices; AFIMAC can help you plan for anything. Whatever the challenge may be, having plans in place for these concerns can help prevent risks and keep your occupants safe.

Explore building security services that bring together intelligence and human resources for exceptional risk management.

The Role of Information in Building Security Services

AFIMAC closely listens to online chatter that occurs on public channels, sifting through thousands of data points to spot threats that could pose a risk to your business or complex. Carefully monitor the local chatter in your area and spot planned demonstrations, threats, or even something much more sinister. 

Often, social media reveals clues that are key to helping building managers plan for risk. Should an imminent threat be made online, or there is a pending crisis occurring locally, be made aware and pivot your security resources. Such information can help building managers brace for complex threats and take strides to protect both people and property.

Private Investigation Options For Property Managers

When something unfortunate does occur to a building or property, AFIMAC can deploy investigators to carefully document what has occurred at your property. Gather evidence for insurance purposes and gain details of what exactly happened at your property with highly qualified investigation services dispatched anywhere in North America. Third-party information gathering from AFIMAC is always fair and unbiased, helping property managers access information that can protect the business itself while withstanding legal challenges.

Be certain that the information gathered is fair and accurate, gathered by a private agency that has specialized in such matters for decades.

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AFIMAC continues to have very few logistical boundaries, capable of serving the entirety of North America. Our resources are deployed to your job site in the event they are needed, while intelligence services can be facilitated remotely. Simply having collaborated with AFIMAC shows a property manager’s dedication to creating a safe environment for your residents, giving you the option to call upon additional resources in times of need. Such offerings are perfect for both residential and commercial properties, including retail locations.

Many times, AFIMAC planning services come at a very small cost to the client, with significant costs being incurred when additional resources are called upon and deployed.

Tap into risk management that goes well beyond any traditional security company and partner with a security company that has worked alongside well-known corporate brands, employers, and business leaders.

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