Worker Strikes and the
Unspoken Security Risks to

Worker Strikes and the Unspoken Security Risks to Executives

March 10, 2023

Worker Strikes and the Need for Executive Protection

Worker strikes in 2023 are not only putting several industries’ productivity in jeopardy but also creating security risks to senior leaders that simply can’t be ignored. Labor and union strikes often create unpleasant consequences that executives typically do not discuss. When tempers run high, both on and off the job site, the workforce you were once friendly with can turn against you and create a number of risks to you and your family. 

AFIMAC is uniquely suited to address the security risks associated with strikes, picketing, and labor unrest. With resources across North America, AFIMAC has successfully guided several Fortune 500 companies in dealing with labor disputes, including security, contingency planning, union negotiation tactics, and temporary workforces.  

In 2023, address every element of a worker strike by enlisting the global leaders in strike security, contingent workforces, and executive protection to ensure your labor challenges end and your company returns to business as usual.

Worker Strikes: Top Security Risks from a Labor Strike 

It’s a topic that is often not discussed, but worker strikes create several security risks to executive leaders that most would rather not acknowledge. Picket lines are one issue, but the security risks often spill over to other elements of work and personal life.

These are the top security risks that can result from a worker strike in 2023:

  • Crossing the picket line can be dangerous for executives and workers who have chosen to come to work despite strike action. Even the most well-behaved picketing workforce can turn sour in a matter of minutes. As tempers run high, striking workers can clash with the general public, your contingent workforces, and executives entering the job site. AFIMAC can enlist strike security specialists who can not only manage tempers but hold striking workers accountable for their actions by documenting incidents with video surveillance. Further, protective drivers can transport workers onto the job site, manage security risks that include physical harassment or intimidation, and protect senior leaders from miscellaneous items being thrown their way.
  • Property damage during a strike is all too common in 2023. It’s not unheard of for strikers to turn their frustrations against the job site, vandalizing company property. In extreme instances, striking workforces could target the vehicles of managers and executive teams, rendering them unusable and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. During these difficult times, the actions of a striking workforce must be carefully documented and even used as part of the negotiation process.
  • Stalking isn’t uncommon during heated labor turmoil. Some striking workforces may post the whereabouts of executives on social media and encourage others to organize and demonstrate with very few warning signs. Travel arrangements can quickly become risky, forcing executives to adjust their movements to ensure their safety. Travel risk management services from AFIMAC can work to ensure the safety of high-profile executives and ensure their travel arrangements are free from sudden protests and stalking.
  • Digital harassment and slander during a labor strike are becoming a regular occurrence. Workforces who organize on social media may look to post false and negative sentiments online about a specific executive in an effort to shape public opinion and persuade others to show their support online. Unpleasant social media posts can be shared online, turning other workers against their employer.
  • Public protests and demonstrations from outside your immediate workforce can occur during a labor strike. The general public can target specific politicians and community leaders’ offices in order to show their support during a strike, creating endless security risks. 
  • Security risks to the family members and homes of executives are possible during especially contentious labor strikes. Some workforces may publish intimate details and addresses of specific managers and executives online, creating a risk of vandalism and home invasion. Security challenges are not exclusive to the job site, and some executives may require around-the-clock protection for their homes and family members.

Worker Strike Solutions from AFIMAC

When labor turmoil erupts, lean on the specialized services of AFIMAC to address every element of a strike. Our full-service solutions for employers facing a difficult union strike can manage many of the unfortunate security risks and help your executive team bring a labor dispute to a close as quickly as possible. Explore protective drivers, executive protection teams, and contingent workforces that can help your business navigate the complexities of worker strikes in 2023.

Are you expecting or experiencing an ongoing strike? AFIMAC is by your side during these difficult times. Contact Jim Rovers of AFIMAC directly at, day or night, to explore your options.AFIMAC also regularly holds webinars exploring ongoing labor uncertainty in North America, including strikes, union negotiations, and security risks. Sign up today for our February webinar to learn from top specialists at AFIMAC and address worker strikes before they put you, your workforce, and your family at risk.

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