A worker finishes up his work just before a factory closure. Layoff events call for planning and security resources from AFIMAC Global.

Factory Closures and Resulting
Security Risks

Factory Closures, Lay Offs, and Their Resulting Security Risks

November 6, 2023

Factory Closure Security Services from AFIMAC

Factory closures across North America come with their own risks that every employer should be aware of before letting their workforce go. Sometimes, a facility closure has several consequences that could impact much more than just your immediate workplace. Plant closures are one of the unfortunate costs of doing business in 2023 as employers face the fact that they have no choice but to cut costs and lay off their workforce. 

Closing plants calls for extensive planning and resources that can protect both yourself and the workers being laid off.

Many employers fail to realize that the security risks from a large plant closure don’t end on the day of the employee’s termination. There are many instances when employers will need to monitor the situation and take strides to protect the remaining workers and the general public. Plan for and assess risk during workplace closures before it causes harm to others – partner alongside AFIMAC when facing difficult employee terminations and worker layoffs in North America.

Lay-Offs In The Automotive Industries

Layoffs in the automotive industry have continued throughout 2023, with many large-scale employers having no choice but to let go of their staff. Those making these business decisions should be weighing the possibility that some of these worker layoffs could turn high-risk. The workforce that has dedicated their lives to supporting their employer is likely to react negatively to hearing the news. Even during an employee’s termination, an employer has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their workforce. 

Factory Closures illustrated by a large factory with two workers.

Large-scale layoffs could prompt a number of concerns, including workplace violence, harassment, vandalism, and in extreme circumstances, active shooter situations. The security risks extend beyond the layoff date as well, as there are risks that former employees could return to the job site and cause harm to others. In some cases, disgruntled former employees may even consider visiting the homes of key executives or managers in order to vent their frustrations.

Factory Closures in General Manufacturing

Employers within the manufacturing industries are faced with some of the most complex business decisions in 2023. Rising interest rates, inflation, and spikes in supply and demand mean that employers may have no other choice but to cut costs and lean out their workforce. The nature of work in manufacturing has been challenging for many years, and the negative response from a large plant closure is sure to create security risks. 

HR managers and executive teams face the possibility of experiencing workplace violence upon delivering the news of a plant closure. Without proper preparation and security resources on-site, the risk of personal injuries to leadership and remaining workers remains incredibly high. Even the most well-behaved long-time employee could react unpredictably to such news. Leaving these risks unaddressed could include several liability issues for the employer, who may be proven to have been negligent during a factory closure.

Factory Closures, Social Listening, and Threat Monitoring

One way to properly plan for the risks that come with factory closures and mass layoffs is to take a temperature read of your workforce before and after the employee termination event. Conduct a proper risk assessment prior to the layoff event, and listen in on the conversations that are being had among your workforce. Threat monitoring and social listening tools offered by a qualified intelligence agency let you know about potential security risks before they happen. 

Some employees may exhibit behavior in public online forums that identify themselves as a threat to your business. Further, after a workforce layoff, some employers may take to social media to issue a formal threat against a specific senior leader or encourage the general public to protest, picket, or boycott your business. Access to such information can help employers prepare for upcoming threats, stepping up security resources when they are required and remaining a step ahead of the security risks that come with factory closures.

Learn more about the security risks stemming from mass layoffs, plant closures, and high-risk worker terminations.

Security Offerings from AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC maintains close relationships with employers in the manufacturing and automotive sectors across North America. As a security and intelligence company, we have been successful in helping employers fulfill their duty of care obligations and address security concerns head-on. Factory and plant closures call for so much more than a physical security presence and should include threat monitoring and risk assessments that help you provide a safe workplace for your remaining staff. Especially difficult mass employee terminations often call for senior leaders to carefully assess the security of their own homes, exploring executive protection offerings that provide peace of mind around the clock.

Consider every possible unfortunate consequence of a factory closure before you deliver the news to your workforce alongside the specialists at AFIMAC Global. Fill out the form below to speak with a representative today.

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