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Managing Business Boycott
Concerns and Risks

How A Business Boycott Can Arise from Just One Insensitive Social Post

July 12, 2023

Business Boycott Concerns

Workplace security is anything but simple in 2023, as the threats and risks against your business have grown to be far more complex, organized, and unpredictable. Employers are learning the hard way that the public’s tolerance for insensitivity is incredibly low, with many people quickly “canceling” the brands and businesses that don’t align with their views. Those who represent your company and maintain public social media profiles can spark controversy and backlash in the digital world, even if that wasn’t their intent. Comments about costs of living, politics, and something as simple as grocery prices can spark online fury that could boil over into digital threats and call for physical security in the workplace.

Organizations that work within the grocery, big-box retail, meat, livestock, food, and dairy sectors remain at the mercy of public opinion. Should someone who represents your business draw negative attention to their views published online, the employer may be the one to feel the full consequences.

Business Boycott, Social Media, and Brand Recognition

When social media posts prompt a public relations disaster for your business, the results could be long-lasting, tarnishing your trusted brand for years to come. Many companies have begun to embrace social media best practices for their executives, but the challenges don’t end there. Even low to mid-level employees who work for your company and represent your brand in the digital world could create risk for your company. The poorly formed opinions or insensitive comments uttered by an employee who simply has your company’s name in their social profile could lead to complex security issues at the workplace.

Behind the veil of social media, bad actors feel comfortable slandering brands and resharing posts that paint a company in a negative light. Especially disgruntled members of the public may also hide behind the anonymity of social media, uttering threats of physical violence against senior leaders and entire workforces. Some organized attempts to slander your business may encourage the general public to protest, creating heated picket lines that put your staff and the public at risk. Holding these individuals accountable is a complex issue that often requires the services of a private investigation company such as AFIMAC. With the many services available on behalf of AFIMAC, those who harm your business in the world of social media can be identified and held accountable for their actions.

Risk Mitigation for Protests and Picket Lines From a Business Boycott 

Those who manage large corporations and are well known within the public are truly one Tweet or social post away from sparking outrage. Weighing in on the politics of 2023 rarely goes well, and certain contentious opinions can lead to threats and digital boycotts. Even if a poorly received social post has been quickly deleted, there is always the possibility that such information has been preserved in some form online.

A company faces a difficult  Business Boycott.

Screenshots and quotes taken out of context can be reshared to large social groups, drawing the attention of tens of thousands of viewers well before a corporation can respond to such issues. When the public has reached a boiling point, an insensitive social post can result in calls for demonstrations and boycotts, with flash protests arriving at your workplace in a matter of hours. Social media remains a difficult issue for employers and oftentimes creates more harm than good. Best practices and guidelines for your staff may not be enough, and the only way to properly mitigate these issues is to pay close attention to the online chatter about your brand or key executives. With the right social listening tools, senior leaders can be notified of emerging threats and help your business properly prepare for the risk of protests and political demonstrations.

Security Solutions for Political Demonstrations

Should your business experience an unexpected flash protest or picketing, the security risks extend to both executives and your workforce. Having your staff navigate through a protest places them in harm’s way, often calling for picket line security and protective drivers to ensure staff can enter the job site without clashing with protestors. Should an employer fail to properly address security risks stemming from protests or political demonstrations, staff could be injured when coming to the job site for work, ultimately creating a long list of liability issues for the employer. 

Security Resources Provided by AFIMAC In The Event of a Business Boycott

AFIMAC maintains a 360-degree approach to risk mitigation that includes the possibility of flash protests, picket lines, and online threats of violence. Lean on the social listening tools of AFIMAC to predict threats and mitigate the security risks of contentious social posts. 

When an employer is facing an imminent protest from the general public, AFIMAC can step in to provide resources, protect your staff, and ensure that your property is free from vandalism and sabotage. Contact us today to learn more about your options and protect your business from social media backlash and sudden protests. Fill out the form now to begin the conversation about what AFIMAC can do for your business and start to mitigate the risks of social media use alongside the world’s best corporate security company. Contact us now.

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