Business continuity planning can be leaned on by employers to ensure productivity despite a labor dispute.

Business Continuity Planning Services

Business Continuity Planning Services for Labor Strikes

February 22, 2023

Business Continuity Planning Solutions and Strike Security from AFIMAC

Business continuity planning services should be carefully explored by any employer expecting a union or labor strike. An extended strike among your unionized workforce can compromise productivity, while union negotiations can harm your bottom line for years to come. As many industries across the globe experience labor turmoil of all kinds, this troubling trend for employers is likely to continue well into 2023.

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Navigating the complications of a striking workforce is no easy task. How an employer handles these issues could influence your company’s reputation among employees and the general public. During a strike, the risk of serious injury is very real, and many companies are not prepared for the security risks. Employers can be held liable in the event a worker or member of the public is hurt on your picket line.

Security Risks from Picketing Workers

AFIMAC can help guide employers and help them prepare for an upcoming labor strike. Secure your workplace, leverage executive protection services, and hold striking workers accountable for their actions. Strikes often come with unfortunate security risks due to the division between employer and workforce, which should always be addressed preemptively. Further, crossing a workplace picket line as an executive tends to elicit a sharp reaction from picketing workers, often calling for specialized protective drivers who can safely transport staff onto the job site. Even your skeleton teams and managers face similar risks when crossing the picket line that can’t be ignored. Employers have a duty of care obligation to provide a safe workplace for all staff members, whether they are entering or picketing the job site.

When tempers run high, employers can be held liable for the actions of striking workers, creating costly litigation issues for the employer. In the days before a strike, workers may act out, steal from their employer, or reduce their levels of productivity. Preemptive planning can help manage these complications and even predict the actions of striking workers.

Intelligence gathering alongside AFIMAC can give important insight into the movements of a striking workforce, helping to manage security risks and help employers prepare properly. Many of AFIMAC’s social listening tools can tap into the online conversations on public social forums, offering incredible insight that can even help with resulting union negotiations. When striking workforces call for support from the public through social media, AFIMAC can inform our clients of these calls to action and quickly offer resources to address emerging issues.

Business Continuity Planning Services For Any Business

During these difficult times, there remains a dire need to protect the people working to maintain your business operations. Access control systems, on-site security presences, and surveillance tools can manage the risks of a heated picket line and prevent issues before they arise. Documenting picket line occurrences can actively work to encourage good behavior and hold those who act out.

Temp workers are a saving grace for businesses facing union strikes, helping you maintain operations despite a striking workforce. AFIMAC is a unique company in that it offers expanded services far beyond those of a traditional temp agency, capable of tapping into a deep talent pool across North America and delivering workers directly to your job site.

The skillsets of AFIMAC contingent workforces are extensive and from a variety of industries, including those that require skilled and low-skilled labor. Workers can even be leveraged by employers who are short-staffed, helping to address surges in demand on a temporary basis. Lean on the services of warehouse workers, logistics and supply chain professionals, drivers, and so much more, all available on short notice.

Plan For Work Stoppages Alongside AFIMAC Global

Prepare your business for strike action well before it occurs. Contact AFIMAC to learn more about your options, even if you are suspicious of upcoming strike action. The full-service offerings of AFIMAC address every element of a work stoppage, providing extensive consultation, legal resources, and ongoing business continuity planning. AFIMAC is the global leader in strike security, capable of identifying security risks while offering solutions. Employers have the unique opportunity to tap into AFIMAC’s resources to help manage the issues of a union strike.

AFIMAC provides a unique advantage for employers from all industries looking to navigate labor turmoil, with a number of tools and services that can be tailored directly to your organization’s needs. Connect with us directly by filling out the form below to speak with a representative today.

As the global leader in addressing labor unrest, AFIMAC regularly hosts webinars that explore the challenges facing employers, such as strikes, work stoppages, and unionization. Sign up today and explore our series of webinars scheduled throughout 2023.

Connect with us directly to learn more about the contingent labor and business continuity services available on behalf of AFIMAC Global. We are one of North America’s only full-service providers of solutions to labor strikes, worker shortages, or labor disputes of all kinds. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer solutions to a long list of different employers across various industries. Begin by partnering with AFIMAC and simply planning for the risk of a work stoppage, and call upon solutions when they are needed. Employers often pay very little simply for the planning aspect of our offerings. Learn more about your options and the role AFIMAC can play during these challenging times.

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