Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

Companies in all types of industries need to maintain their competitive advantage to compete in today's fast-paced global marketplace. While electronic communication is an essential business tool, it also poses risks that can compromise negotiations, affect short and long-range planning, and damage a company's reputation. AFIMAC is the ideal partner that understands potential threats and develops integrated solutions to stop the interception of data and implement digital security countermeasures.

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Protect Sensitive Data with AFIMAC Security Countermeasures

AFIMAC investigators are highly trained in all phases of electronic surveillance. By combining state-of-the-art technology with years of experience, AFIMAC investigators can perform counter-surveillance inspections to uncover covert or overt interceptions of electronic or voice data.

AFIMAC offers far more than simple detection. Through proven methods of threat assessment, integrated systems analysis, and security solution implementation, AFIMAC's team of security experts can help clients manage the risk of electronic sabotage. Through the appropriate introduction of physical security systems and training for employees with access to sensitive information, AFIMAC works with each client to avoid potential information interceptions.

We work with clients to determine what confidential information is at risk of being lost or stolen through electronic espionage and who has access to it. We work with a client's executives to ensure they understand not only how to protect sensitive data on laptops, cell phones, or other personal devices, but also the damage the company would encounter should this information be compromised.
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