Forget if Workers Strike,
Consider When They Will Strike

Workers Strikes in Low-Skilled Industries A Real Expectation Nation-Wide

Workers strikes in North America appear more inevitable than ever, as for many employers, it’s only a matter of time before low to medium-skilled workers formally organize. Union strikes are set to challenge many employers’ “business continuity,” at a time when budgets are already stretched thin. The risk of having your business’s productivity come to an unexpected and complete halt is disastrous to your bottom line, and employers will need to accept that a reduction in productivity is coming in the near future.

Time is one of the most valuable assets during a labor strike, and planning ahead can protect the business you have worked so hard to build. Begin bracing for what is likely to be a very difficult two to three years and maintain business continuity during what will be a challenging time for both your business and workforce.

Workers strike shown via a woman on a picket line.

Workers Strike and Exploring Business Continuity Solutions

Most employers look to temporary agencies to fill in the gaps in their workforce, but the truth is that these third parties might have limited solutions for an employer during a strike. Worker strikes are contentious matters, and sourcing talent from your immediate community is likely to be challenging, especially if they are being utilized for a work assignment that has no official end date. Strike work can be challenging, and candidates who are unfamiliar with this space may quickly look elsewhere when they must cross a picket line.

The contingent workforces of AFIMAC specialize in this type of labor, bringing not only unique skill sets in logistics, manufacturing, and general labor but also experience in supporting businesses during a strike. These workers are sourced from across the country, brought to the site of a strike, and prepared to work extended overtime in order to help your business maintain continuity. Hiring the wrong temporary workers is a disaster waiting to happen, and is likely to cause far more harm than good. Always lean on a company such as AFIMAC that has experience in business continuity matters and is well aware of the challenges that are approaching.  

Worker strikes are shaping up to be inevitable over the next three years. As an employer, have you prepared for when your workforce takes to the picket line?

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When Will a Workers Strike Occur?

There is no way to definitively point to a specific time frame for upcoming labor strikes. Some unionized workforces may look to strike at opportune times when their labor is needed most, or some workforces may attempt to quietly organize and unionize without notifying the employer.

AFIMAC encourages potential clients to at the very least engage with our representatives in an effort to plan for a labor strike. The more time available to plan ahead for labor strikes, the more capable AFIMAC will be at maintaining your business continuity. Engaging with us just days before a strike can make it incredibly difficult to source the right kind of labor and transport them to the job site. Clients typically only pay the moment our workforce is deployed to the job site, so it costs close to nothing to simply engage with AFIMAC and begin the planning process.

Unintended Consequences and Security Risks

Strikes typically come with an unpredictable element of risk that could raise security concerns for executive leadership. It is never as easy as simply dispatching a contingent workforce to your job sites. Crossing a picket line puts everyone at risk, including executive leadership, your skeleton teams, and the vendors visiting your job site. In some cases, the public could even be put at risk during a heated picket line. 

Fast food establishments, grocery stores, and well-known coffee chains are set to experience complex liability issues in the event a member of the public is injured while visiting your business. Plan ahead for these risks and ensure that an upcoming labor strike is handled with as much care as possible, considering the security risks to everyone involved.

Business continuity planning services from AFIMAC can help any employer plan for the risk of a worker’s strike.

Workers Strike Services Offered by AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC Global remains the leader in providing full-service workers’ strike solutions to corporations and government entities across North America. No other company can provide both contingent workforce solutions and security services that address the risk of the inevitable labor strikes that are presented in the near future. Employers can in fact maintain their operations with the right planning and execution, but it will be a collaborative effort between AFIMAC and all facets of your business.

Employers who are concerned about the possibility of their workforce either unionizing or officially taking part in strike action are encouraged to engage with AFIMAC sooner rather than later. We maintain a suite of private investigation products that can help you predict whether a strike is upcoming, keeping you one step ahead of your workforce. When a strike does occur, AFIMAC is capable of addressing every element of a strike including security forces, picket line evidence gathering, and full-service protection agents that will be by your side during what will likely be your company’s greatest challenge in its history. Explore labor strike services in Canada and the United States.

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