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Private Driver Services

Private Driver Services: The Small Investment That Pays Incredible Dividends

June 7, 2023

Private Driver Services, Personal Drivers, and Private Chauffeurs

Private driver services are one of the best investments available to politicians, executives, and corporations concerned about safety in 2023. A trained personal driver offered by a security company such as AFIMAC takes many of the uncertainties facing executives today, handling every detail of transportation, whether it is to and from your home, the workplace, or during international travel.

Never leave personal safety to chance, and actively work to protect the human resources that make up your organization. 

Private Driver Services for Politicians

Politicians face a number of security risks that are almost entirely exclusive to them. Political demonstrations, verbal harassment, and uninvited guests at the home and office are common for those who represent their communities. In today’s age, political rallies and threats of violence have a tendency to quickly arise online, sometimes with very little warning. When paired together, private drivers and threat monitoring can help politicians avoid security risks preemptively.

Protective drivers are called to support an executive in Ohio.

Protective drivers and security details from some of the best security companies do so much more than transport their clients; they are trained to react to dangerous situations, adjust travel arrangements, and help to avoid risks before they result in injury. As just one element of a comprehensive security detail, protective drivers work in concert alongside the specialists at AFIMAC, remaining keenly aware of the risks, and active threats, while closely monitoring security concerns both in-person and in the digital world.

Private Drivers for Executives

When public discourse turns into real security risks, protective drivers might be one of the smallest investments that provide the greatest returns.

Executives across the retail and grocery sectors have recently drawn waves of negative attention from social media, but the risks aren’t exclusive to this industry. The senior leaders who represent large, big-box retail chains, food production, meat, and dairy could also draw similar criticism online. 

In some cases, this social chatter can turn into something much more dangerous, where frustrated individuals look to organize protests and demonstrations against a specific brand. Protective drivers offered on behalf of AFIMAC actively work to mitigate the security risks of executives in 2023. Proactively look to manage threats and risks such as unexpected visits and demonstrations at the home, workplace, or trade shows.

Corporate Travel Solutions

The corporate entities that call for their senior leaders to travel to Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and the rest of South America are exposing their staff to tremendous risk. Visiting job sites in exotic places could result in kidnapping attempts, violent assault, and even death. Many industries, including the mining and natural resource sectors, have no other choice but to conduct work abroad, while many manufacturing industries continue to weigh the pros and cons of exploring opportunities in places like Mexico. 

Should a corporate executive who represents a large entity be taken hostage, injured, or killed during work, the result is a public relations nightmare that will have long-lasting impacts. Not only is a corporation liable for injuries sustained by staff during corporate travel, but such an event could harm an employer’s brand for years to come. Should your company have a reputation for failing to ensure the safety of its traveling workforce, it could become incredibly hard for your company to recruit new talent.

Organized criminals have extensive resources in their home countries and can closely monitor their targets and strike at the most opportune time. Executives must explore several resources, including private and local drivers, who can protect staff and ensure their focus is on work rather than other complications. This small investment can help corporations avoid the disaster of having their workforce injured or kidnapped while visiting job sites across South America.

Security Offerings Available from AFIMAC

Lean on AFIMAC to provide a range of protective driver offerings tailored to the needs of North American politicians and executives. Such investments, including executive protection, can fulfill an employer’s duty of care obligations even when there are risks of public backlash, flash protests, and demonstrations. AFIMAC remains highly aware of the challenges facing political leaders and executives, offering threat monitoring and driver solutions that preemptively address risk in its many forms.

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