A speaking event hosted by a political party is secured by the private security specialists at AFIMAC Global.

Private Security Services for
Speaking Engagements

Private Security Services for Speaking Engagements

September 25, 2023

Private Security Services Tailored to the Needs of Politicians

Private security services offered on behalf of AFIMAC Global address many of the risks associated with being a politician in North America. Speaking engagement security that includes physical security guards, protective drivers and executive protective agents helps major leaders conduct business while properly managing risk. Many of the unfortunate dangers that come with being an elected official or political leader should be preemptively addressed well before they result in something much more serious.

Private Security Services for speaking engagements illustrated by a political leader at a speaking event.

Partner with AFIMAC to explore several risk mitigation solutions for politicians that offer protection and peace of mind for any public appearance. Predict, plan for, and respond to threats against your safety before they result in harm, allowing you to tend to political matters without complication. Such services can be paired with existing security teams to help ensure your safety during any public appearance.

Private Security Services for Speaking Engagements

Elected officials across North America bear the burden of making unpopular decisions while experiencing backlash from the general public. Some public appearances may draw negative attention, along with some nuisances, such as hecklers, that are oftentimes better left ignored. 

Politics, in general, can stir up negative emotions that can sometimes grow into threats of violence, flash protests, or organized political demonstrations. Many protestors and bad actors have become much more organized in recent years, capable of tracking the movements of specific politicians and pinpointing speaking engagements that present opportunities for disruption or acts of violence.

Private security services offered by AFIMAC take into account the challenges facing politicians, capable of addressing threats of violence or complications related to a speaking engagement. When complex threats arise, AFIMAC can act quickly, dispatch resources to your location, and implement access control systems that can ensure any public appearance is completed without complication. 

Private Security Services and Protective Drivers for Public Appearances

One of the most overlooked elements of private security details is protective drivers. Many politicians are called upon to travel to various destinations for work, where risks present themselves in the form of political demonstrations and threats of violence. Politicians across North America can attract unwanted attention and flash protests that can arise in a matter of hours. Traditional drivers are often not trained to properly evade such risks, which could result in a number of issues.

Whether traveling internationally or speaking in a public space, protective drivers provided by AFIMAC can react to sudden issues and traverse unexpected picket lines and protests to ensure the safety of their VIP.

Social Listening and Intelligence Gathering

Many internal security teams can benefit from working alongside AFIMAC to mitigate the risks facing politicians. Tap into online conversations about a specific politician and uncover the details of a protest or threat against your safety well before it happens. 

AFIMAC maintains unique social listening tools that sift through thousands of social posts in order to identify threats well before they cause physical harm to a politician. In other cases, AFIMAC specialists can predict the movements of protestors while liaising with private security teams, helping maneuver around flash protests and adjust travel arrangements before they cause complications.

Event Security Solutions from AFIMAC Global

Embrace risk mitigation strategies for politicians offered by AFIMAC, including a 360-degree approach to event security. AFIMAC continues to partner with several major political organizations for long-term risk mitigation, allowing elected officials to focus on their political work rather than the security risks. AFIMAC can be leaned on for either full-service security forces or products that are tailored directly to your needs.

All of our offerings are discreet and speak directly to the unique security risks facing political leaders across North America. Contact us today or fill out the form below to learn more about your options.

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