Labor Dispute Services Solutions

Since 1982, AFIMAC has assisted more than 5,000 image-conscious clients of all sizes and in every industry, including many Fortune 500 corporations, plan for and execute business continuity response strategies for plant closures, labor disputes, and mass layoffs or downsizing.

Our efforts have helped these companies prepare for business disruptions caused by labor disputes threatening to shut down daily operations, potentially forever. AFIMAC provides a range of strike security services for companies preparing for a strike or require protection during a labor dispute situation.

Pre-Planning Services Addressing Labor Disputes

AFIMAC’s pre-planning services include comprehensive contingency plans that can mitigate a company’s losses and potential downtime resulting from a labor dispute. Learn more about these services and contact AFIMAC directly.

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Transportation Services Tailored for Labor Disputes

When a labor dispute occurs, moving personnel and products safely can become a glaring vulnerability. Leverage AFIMAC's fleet of customized vehicles, including buses, tractors, and trailers that can address your needs during a labor dispute.

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Management Services During a Labor Dispute

Our strike security and labor dispute management team can assist a client's legal team by gathering evidence to obtain injunctions and temporary restraining orders.

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