Public Demonstration Security Services

Public Demonstration
Security Services

Public demonstration security services illustrated by a security guard monitoring a protest.

Public Demonstration Security Services

Public demonstration security services are being called upon by public and private entities like never before as public unrest remains far more common than it once was. Civil disobedience, whether it is related to your business or not, creates an extensive risk to people and property, warranting careful planning and swift response as required. In a post-pandemic world, retail stores, places of worship, schools, and even grocery stores have become regular sites of looting, theft, and political demonstrations. 

During a political demonstration, employers that have no response plan in place at all expose themselves to claims of negligence from both their workforce and the general public. Today, employers must plan for new and uncertain risks that have proven to be highly unpredictable, and organized, often leading to personal injuries, theft, and vandalism.

Public demonstration security services shown with a line up of protestors at a speaking event.

Respond to the complexities of civil unrest in North America by partnering with a qualified security company such as AFIMAC Global which can provide solutions to these challenges. Conduct third-party risk mitigation planning that can prepare your workforce for civil disobedience while protecting physical property. Formal response and risk mitigation planning take much of the uncertainty out of public demonstrations, offering solutions to North America’s ever-changing threat landscape.

Public Demonstration Security Services: Risk Mitigation For Civil Disobedience

Big box retailers, municipal governments, and private corporations with large workforces have a moral and legal obligation to plan for risks such as political demonstrations, looting, and rioting. When the public has decided to indulge in political protest, even the most peaceful demonstrations have the potential to turn violent with very limited notice. These movements are often highly organized with lightning-speed communication on popular social channels, with gatherings taking place in just a matter of hours. Whether they are targeting your business or are being planned to take place amid the city’s downtown core, executive leadership must consider the risks of being caught in the middle.

The unpredictable nature of political demonstrations calls for employers to be one step ahead of the public, using information to their advantage to plan for and respond to challenges. AFIMAC’s approach to such risks includes both intelligence gathering and response via physical security guards, executive protective agents, and resources that can lock down your job site before trouble begins. With the right resources and third-party consultation in place, employers can be certain that they have gone the extra mile to protect their workforce from reasonable harm. While some risks are simply not preventable

Calls For Boycotts

The food, beverage, and grocery sectors have been carefully dissected by the public, where frustration over food prices or political affiliations have grown into calls for boycotts against specific brands. Major players in both Canada and the United States have seen a sense of resentment grow among the public, where social media channels allow anyone to organize in protest. Political activists have also used several embarrassment tactics to shame corporations for their practices, often targeting businesses selling meat or dairy products. A visit from just one political activist could result in a video of their antics being shared online and receiving tens of thousands of views. 

While public backlash has historically been dismissed by corporate leadership, these boycotts and activist movements have become increasingly popular among the general public. The potential for large-scale protests or boycotts is very real in 2023 and beyond, capable of drawing political demonstrations that place the entire job site at risk. Without any kind of response strategy in place, the public could swear off your brand entirely or picket the physical job site.

Risk Management Services From AFIMAC Global

Corporate entities that fail to enact any sort of risk and response strategy for boycotts, civil unrest, activism, and protests are likely to face claims of negligence in the event of a serious injury. Employers will need a mix of security resources and intelligence to effectively address these risks, tapping into social chatter with response strategies in place for when the unthinkable has happened. Duty of care in spaces that are vulnerable to public unrest is an ongoing conversation that is best implemented by third-party security companies such as AFIMAC.

Lean on AFIMAC Global to help plan for the unpredictable and ever-changing risks facing North American businesses and municipal governments. Effective risk mitigation from AFIMAC includes some private investigation and intelligence monitoring solutions that can help employers stay ahead of activists and civil unrest. When the risk of political demonstration or heated boycott arises, AFIMAC can notify employers and deploy response resources directly to the job site. Such intelligence can work in an employer’s interest to keep staff and protect physical property. We proudly serve entities of all shapes and sizes across North America including municipal governments, places of worship, Fortune 500 corporations, and players in the agriculture industry.

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