Security Services For
Supply Chains

Security services for supply chains illustrated by cargo being moved in a port.

Security Services for Supply Chains Across North America

Security services for supply chains from AFIMAC consider the bigger picture of risk facing your business, including the flow of both your goods and services. Collaborating with third parties and vendors offers a long list of challenges, especially throughout a complex supply chain where visibility can be lost and your goods can be handled by those outside of your immediate organization.

Successfully securing your supply chain begins in the planning phases, considering a business’ internal security practices along with exploring a number of security services that prevent theft and deter internal losses. Lean on AFIMAC to examine the nature of your supply chain and provide security resources to ensure that all goods and services reach their target as intended.

Supply chain security services illustrated by a large cargo port in Vancouver.

Security Services For Supply Chains, Ports, Warehouses, and More

Factories, warehouses, manufacturers, and any logistics company can begin by leaning on AFIMAC to conduct a deep analysis of your existing practices along with risk management planning. Employers are likely to be surprised at some of the security vulnerabilities that can be overlooked by internal security teams, including risks that are easy to spot on behalf of AFIMAC’s teams. 

Something as simple as the types of locks used within your building could be a glaring vulnerability, but not considered as a non-issue from an internal perspective. Throughout the planning process, AFIMAC can make recommendations intended to lock down your own property, including a number of options to preemptively manage risk. This could include anything from re-screening your existing workforce, implementing physical security guards, or considering access control systems to monitor the flow of vendors coming in and out of your job site. Secure your entire supply chain, top-to-bottom,  from retail locations to factories or warehouses.

Security Planning For Your Business

Ultimately, each business is unique and requires specialized security and risk management practices tailored to the individual business itself. With such planning and security resources in place, employers can be certain that they have taken the right steps to manage losses and prevent theft, disruptions, or any other security risks. Call upon security forces to protect a sensitive port or warehouse location, or actively monitor threats against your entire supply chain with an incredible range of private investigation tools

The Role of Private Investigation in Supply Chain Security

AFIMAC can also conduct investigations when an employer suspects that their workforce has been facilitating some kind of fraud or theft ring. It’s all too common for employees to pose some of the greatest risks to the business themselves. AFIMAC can investigate issues of theft in the past, and gather information that helps an employer make the most informed business decision possible.

Lean on AFIMAC for private investigation services to examine what exactly has gone on in your workplace, and gather information that is always fair, unbiased, and collected by a third-party entity. In cases where an employer has especially deep and long-running concerns of internal theft or sabotage, AFIMAC can even arrange for undercover workplace investigation services. Gain insight into the nature of your workforce and discreetly monitor the actions of your staff in an attempt to protect the business you have worked so hard to build. In the event that bad actors are spotted within your business, employers can even consider how to navigate a high-risk employee termination alongside AFIMAC Global.

Connect With AFIMAC Global to Learn More

We continue to partner with several well-known corporations and logistics companies to provide solutions to their security challenges. Embrace risk mitigation for the sake of securing your supply chain and tap into an incredible range of security resources and private investigation techniques that have helped our clients protect their bottom line. We maintain fleets of human resources capable of assisting your business for any occasion.

AFIMAC maintains fleets of security guards and private investigators who have specialized in such matters for decades. Our own leadership has a proven track record of managing losses and getting to the bottom of risk, theft, and sabotage against your business. With capabilities available across both Canada and the United States, we are confident you are in the absolute best hands for securing your supply chain.

Connect with us directly and contact us today to learn more about your options. Push back against the challenges of internal theft and fill out the form below to learn more.

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