Mitigating Potential Risks that Arise from Strikes and Labor Disputes

AFIMAC pre-planning services include a team of AFIMAC experts who work with executives to provide the most comprehensive suite of services in the marketplace, from strike planning to providing strike security and supplemental labor.

We understand the need to keep employees safe and give them peace of mind. With specialized and highly-trained strike security detail, AFIMAC can protect corporate assets during a plant closure, labor strike, or even a mass layoff. AFIMAC offers uninterrupted strike security services to customers by working with vendors throughout a client's supply chain to keep products flowing and production on target. Our strike security and labor dispute management team can also assist a client's legal team by gathering evidence to obtain injunctions and temporary restraining orders. Further, AFIMAC strike specialists can help ensure that shareholders understand the company's professional response to a difficult challenge, such as a strike or layoff.

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AFIMAC Can Maintain Production Even Through the Most Contentious Labor Disputes

Plant Closures

Utilize security detail and supplemental labor during plant closures.

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Pre-Dispute Audits and Analysis

Identify hidden, existing, or emerging risks and vulnerabilities well before a labor dispute.

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Union Intel Briefs

Leverage AFIMAC’s experience and perspectives on tactics used frequently by unions.

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