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Security For Protests
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Security Services For Protests & Demonstrations

April 19, 2023

Security Services For Protests & Demonstrations

Security services for protests is just one of the elements of holding protestors and demonstrators accountable for their actions. Small towns and major cities across North America continue to experience increased political activism, with select groups targeting government buildings, high-traffic public spaces, and even major highways. Risk mitigation during these challenging times is best accomplished alongside a qualified security company that can lend its expertise, help government agencies navigate legal complexities, and hold bad actors accountable for their actions. In today’s age of activism, the rules surrounding political protest continue to be bent and broken, forcing governments to explore every option available.

Security For Protests shown by a large city-wide march.

Government entities at all levels of the political system remain in a difficult spot when attempting to manage the security risks that come with this new public interest in political activism. While everyone has the right to peaceful protest, some demonstrators can step over the line. At times, protestors may intentionally try to intimidate locals as a means of drawing attention to their efforts, intentionally trying to create fear among the general public.  

Anti-Government Demonstrations at Political Buildings

Many governments, both municipal and federal, continue to experience a number of protests located directly at their offices and other buildings. Major federal-level governments have been accustomed to this, but local and municipal governments may be caught off guard by a political demonstration that can erupt in a matter of minutes. 

With the rise of social media, these protestors can organize quickly, creating security risks to government workers, the building itself, and the general public when left unchecked. In some cases, tempers may run high, and demonstrators may clash with the public or government staff. In these cases, should anyone be injured on government property or at a political building, the government entity is likely to face legal troubles related to personal injury.

Large outdoor events are likely the most vulnerable and require the most care and precision when it comes to security

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Security Services Protests at Public Spaces

One recent trend in political activism is for demonstrators to take their efforts away from political buildings and target high-traffic areas, including malls, hospitals, highways, subway stations, transit hubs, and large public spaces. In other cases, protests have also occurred at safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, including theaters and halls, and in small rural downtown cores and prominent meeting spaces.

These types of demonstrations can create several risks to public property and the general public. Should the public engage with these protestors, there is a security risk for these political demonstrations to turn violent. Governments have a moral and legal obligation to protect the general public from the backlash of such political protests, creating a legal challenge should someone suddenly become injured on public property. 

In other cases, protestors may attempt to vandalize public spaces by defacing art installations, parks, and local landmarks, all in an effort to draw attention to their cause. Some groups may even block traffic on major highways, border crossings, or downtown cores. Not only can it create a traffic nightmare, but also tension among the general public.

Building Security For Protests and Demonstrations

Lock down your building, office, condo space, or commercial real estate, and plan for the risks of heated marches and demonstrations. Plan for risks such as vandalism or political activism and call upon security resources should they be needed. Monitor the movements of groups and stay one step ahead of risks in an effort to protect property.

Not all security for protests is created equally, and choosing the wrong security company can cause more harm than good. Lean on a risk management firm that is well-aware of these challenges and have provided specialized solutions to clients for decades.

Keeping Protestors Accountable

One of the best ways to hold protestors accountable for their actions is through intelligence gathering. Physical security guards can work to keep the peace when a heated demonstration breaks out, but your efforts should not stop there. Surveillance and intelligence gathering offered on behalf of AFIMAC can closely monitor the movements of protestors and carefully log every instance of misbehavior. Such information can be used later if legal issues arise and help a government entity demonstrate the efforts it took to manage security risks during the protest. The simple presence of a video camera at the site of a demonstration can communicate to activists that every one of their moves is being monitored, subtly suggesting that there will be consequences for their actions.

Documentation of Damages and Bad Behavior From Protestors

A peaceful protest can turn destructive in a matter of minutes, while some bad actors hide behind political causes in order to cause trouble and harm others. Document these events and dispatch private investigators who can safely document the actions of members of the public who are not protesting peacefully. Such information can help hold protestors accountable for their actions and be used for insurance purposes. In some cases, there could be thousands of events and points of data that need to be collected. Lean on a private investigation company to help you carefully document what has occurred on public property or at a private business or organization.

Full-Service Security Solutions For Protests from AFIMAC Global

Work to protect people and property alongside the global leaders in strike and protest security services. AFIMAC is keenly aware of the challenges facing government agencies in 2023, ready and able to help protect government buildings and public spaces, even on short notice.

Regardless of the political cause, activism in North America has made a troubling turn in a post-pandemic era. People continue to protest against government mandates and restrictions, while others target specific groups or religious entities. 

Should your government or private business be concerned about the rise of political activism or large-scale demonstrations, connect with us directly to learn more about your options. Explore security resources intelligence gathering techniques to protect people and property, while making efforts to stay ahead of planned demonstrations.  Fill out the form below, contact us now.

Connect with AFIMAC directly to manage the risk that comes with protests and demonstrations. Services are suitable for business leaders with multiple job sites, post-secondary institutions, government offices, public spaces, hospitals, residential buildings, and even religious institutions. Fill out the form below to learn more about the role AFIMAC can play during these challenging times. We are proud to serve any organization experiencing complex security risks including heated protests. As as a company AFIMAC remains entirely non-political. Contact us now.

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