Transportation Solutions for You and Your Staff During a Labor Dispute

Moving personnel and products safely during a labor dispute can become a glaring vulnerability. Picket lines and demonstrations can complicate simple travel, placing significant delays on itineraries and shipping procedures.

AFIMAC maintains a fleet of customized vehicles - buses, tractors, and trailers - that can be deployed to meet a variety of transportation needs when a corporation faces a labor strike or disruption. These vehicles can be paired with highly trained drivers and security specialists to ensure the safety of all employees.

Specially trained strike security drivers can pick up employees off-site and escort them to work to avoid driving personal vehicles through a picket line, which reduces the client's potential liability and ensures that both employees and picketers are safe. AFIMAC's strike security transportation services can arrange for off-site warehousing of deliveries or critical data. Specialized equipment can be used to ship products if a supplier does not cross picket lines.

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Prior to a potential strike, AFIMAC's risk mitigation specialists will conduct a pre-strike review of a client's security transportation needs.


Find transportation solutions for sensitive materials during a labor dispute.

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Coordinate the transportation of key personnel during a labor dispute.

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