Emergency Response Personnel Services

For over 30 years, AFIMAC has provided full-service emergency response teams to governments and Fortune 500 companies experiencing emergencies of all types. AFIMAC’s management team is the ideal partner to accomplish the task of maintaining business operations in the midst of a natural disaster or on-going emergency.

AFIMAC prides itself on the range of specialty support services that can be supplied to any client on short notice, from mobile kitchens to dormitory trailers, to close protection and security services. With years of experience handling all types of short and long-term critical assignments, AFIMAC can rapidly provide a single-source solution to any client request.

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Find a Single-Source Solution with Emergency Response Teams

AFIMAC is confident in providing a single-source solution to any client request. Our only objective is to provide a high level of comfort to employees so they can focus on their tasks rather than how to get a hot meal. We quickly respond to unusual situations and emergencies to help clients provide a comfortable work environment and a stable workforce.

Emergency response teams offered by AFIMAC are highly trained individuals who qualify for these assignments based on extensive screening and vetting. Our global resources can be deployed quickly, offering elite levels of security and response for both short-tern domestic tasks, and prolonged international operations.
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