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Security For Vandalism and Property Damage

July 26, 2023

Security For Vandalism: Addressing the Needs of Luxury Retailers

Security is one of the simplest tools to deter vandalism and protect the property of business leaders concerned about the risk of strikes, protests, and political demonstrations. As France experiences relentless civil turmoil, some employers may be considering what their next step should be if similar incidents occur in North America. Many security companies can speak to the risks of heated political demonstrations impacting retail and department stores, but mitigating risks calls for so much more than physical security guards. Security services from AFIMAC Global look well beyond your immediate needs for security services and implement a 360-degree approach to addressing the risks of vandalism and political demonstrations with extensive planning, threat assessments, and social listening.

Protests and political demonstrations can wreak havoc on your business, and in 2023, the risks of such events remain increasingly high. Protect and secure the valuable goods that your retail department stores maintain, along with the human resources that make up your workforce alongside AFIMAC.

A person spray paints a commercial building during the late evening hours. Security for vandalism is being prepared by AFIMAC Global.

Security and Political Demonstrations in France

The French government’s attempts to reform pensions and retirement have been met with protest and anger from the public. Organized political demonstrations have occurred across major cities and small towns, causing widespread political unrest with demonstrators targeting financial institutions, properties, and department stores. 

The frustrations over retirement and pension reform have even spurred off rallies sparked by the corporate earnings, with one well-known luxury brand being a target for vandalism. Not only do these demonstrations cause widespread damage to property, but they also create a risk of personal injury for your workforce and the protestors themselves. Should demonstrators force their way onto your property and get hurt or cause harm to others, the liability issues could be extensive and complex.

Security Services for Vandalism of Retail Stores

Employers and business owners in the luxury goods space can plan for the risk of political demonstrations that often come with challenges of property damage and vandalism, similar to what is occurring in France. When luxury storefronts fall victim to defacement, the results can be embarrassing and even paint your business in a negative light. Such circumstances can result in your business making the news for the wrong reasons, harming your corporation’s reputation and deterring customers from visiting your storefront.

Security services from AFIMAC address every element of any potential risks to your business, including full-service risk assessments, access control systems, and physical security presences. Alongside AFIMAC, corporations can address the potential risk of political turmoil and vandalism and protect valuable goods for sale. Further, such efforts can help you as an employer fulfill your duty of care obligations to provide a safe workplace for all.

Security for Luxury Brands and Women’s Apparel

While physical security presences help to manage the risk of vandalism, your efforts to prepare for and address such risks shouldn’t stop there. When executives of major brands say the wrong thing online or report soaring profits, the public could react in negative ways and organize a planned protest against your business. Many of these political demonstrations use social media to prepare and can often reveal important details about an upcoming rally that can help your business mitigate the associated risks.

AFIMAC social listening tools are just one element of the incredible offerings that can help mitigate corporate risk in all its forms. When paired with our risk assessments and security forces, corporate leaders in the luxury goods industry can remain one step ahead of protestors before they cause harm to your business.

Security Solutions Available from AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC maintains security resources across North America that can help businesses plan for and address risk with a suite of products tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our risk mitigation strategies that consider every element of risk facing your business.

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