Ensure Your Business Maintains Operations During a Strike

During a labor disruption, a business will likely still have important business to conduct that could include the shipping and receiving of sensitive goods. Picket lines can grow to become an ongoing security concern, and some suppliers might not want to cross the line to deliver products or equipment. This can add significant delays to your business and other unexpected consequences. AFIMAC can work directly with clients to offer comprehensive solutions and ensure the shipping and receiving of materials is conducted with as little delay as possible.

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Comprehensive Shipping Solutions for Labor Disruptions

AFIMAC can address transportation vulnerabilities during a labor strike offering a fleet of specialized tractors, trailers, and busses to assist with the challenges associated with labor disruptions. Picket lines can pose unique security risks to not only drivers but also employees and picketers. Additional security can be arranged during the shipment of essential materials with specialized drivers who have experience crossing picket lines. AFIMAC's transportation services can also coordinate off-site warehousing for deliveries, critical data, or special equipment.

AFIMAC is positioned to address a company’s needs during a labor disruption. Risk mitigation specialists will conduct a pre-strike review and identify any holes in transportation procedures, and outline manpower, equipment, and deployment requirements.
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