Plan for Anything and Secure High-Risk Executives

Corporate events are often high-profile affairs that could place executives and employees in harm’s way. Regardless of the type and location of an event, AFIMAC can be relied on to ensure executives who attend these unique events feel safe and secure.

Whether the event is an annual shareholder meeting, a product or service announcement, an executive retreat, or a corporate celebration, AFIMAC can be trusted to deliver exceptional response and security time after time.

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Developing High-Level Contingency Plans for Corporate Event Security

Experienced AFIMAC protection specialists will conduct advanced risk assessments and develop a contingency plan to speak to the needs of your event. This plan will coordinate logistics with the venue's special event security and other stakeholders, ensuring that no stone is left unturned during the planning process.

Access control and perimeter security monitoring, as well as the security of designated VIP rooms and parking areas, will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary. The contingency plan will also include actions to be taken should an emergency occur, including immediate response protocols.

AFIMAC will supply fully-trained uniformed and plain-clothes event security personnel as necessary for any corporate event. The on-site team can offer bomb threat reaction planning and coordinate with law enforcement and emergency response service providers.

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Medical Support Services for Corporate Events

Through our global partnerships, AFIMAC can provide clients with a dynamic portfolio of mobile medical clinics and medical support services tailored to your corporate event. These services can include mobile clinics with medical staffing solutions that can consist of certified physicians or nurses, along with air ambulance and repatriation services. AFIMAC can also provide field agent support and consultation services from highly trained emergency medical response specialists.
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