Leverage Years of Experience Navigating Labor Disputes

Many corporations are caught off guard and inexperienced when dealing with labor disputes, strikes, or sudden work stoppages. Negotiations can often turn sour in an instant, and picket lines can become dangerous during labor disputes.

AFIMAC stands as a trusted ally in a potential or ongoing labor dispute, able to offer guidance, consultation, planning, and security. Leverage the experience of AFIMAC strike specialists and safely navigate through any labor dispute or mass layoff. Our security services and negotiation techniques are a result of over 30 years’ experience supporting image-conscious clients.

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Predict and Plan for Anything During a Labor Dispute

AFIMAC management can offer unique perspectives on tactics frequently used by unions and provide continuous updates on picketing activities at specific sites. AFIMAC can also provide historical details on specific unions and report recent activity by industry and location to better predict the actions of unions before they occur. Intelligence briefs can be orchestrated well in advance to help save time and money during costly negotiations.
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