Labor Disputes & Risks To Public Property

Labor Dispute Q&A

Labor dispute q and a illustrated by workers standing with signs on a picket line in Ohio.

Labor Dispute Q&A: Who is Responsible For Damage to Public Property?

A labor dispute in Canada and the United States presents a cocktail of security issues that include the job site, an executive’s home, and the surrounding community. During the early stages of a worker strike, employers are likely overwhelmed with union negotiations, preparations, and security precautions that can keep all parties safe while maintaining business continuity. On the picket line anything can happen; when tensions run high conflict can arise between your contingent workforce, executives crossing the picket line, and even the general public. 

When picket lines bring roads and key intersections to a halt, the security risks spill into the greater community. Should public property face damages or striking workforces clash with members of the public, those impacted by the misbehavior of your workforce will soon be looking for someone to blame. Make a concerted effort to manage the security complications tied to labor disputes and protect both the job site and the immediate community.

Labor Dispute: Property Damage in Public Spaces

During a worker strike or labor dispute who is responsible for damage to public property? Municipal governments or public entities will likely point to the employer as the responsible party for damage caused to public property by your striking workforce.

Labor disputes shown via a worker shouting into a megaphone.

Most commonly, workers who are unhappy with their employers may damage the job site, sabotage key equipment, or vandalize vehicles they suspect to be owned by senior leadership. But, damage to public property is also possible during a labor strike as well, and employers should embrace the mentality that truly anything can happen. Conflicts between members of the public and striking workforces can result in damages to vehicles, roadways, traffic lights, or anything caught in the way of such conflict.

When multiple job sites are being picketed, it can be incredibly difficult to point to specific workers who are causing damage to public property. Some workers may act out in ways that hide their identity, causing damage to both the job site and public property at odd hours.

Evidence Gathering

Employers can, however, take strides to ensure that workers are on their best behavior and that their picketing or political demonstrations remain peaceful at all times. Protecting the job site itself works hand-in-hand with protecting the general public, and enlisting worker strike security services can work to keep the peace during a labor dispute. When employers enlist a labor strike security team, they can make their presence known to striking workers, encouraging them to remain as peaceful as possible.

In other cases, when a picketing workforce does act out and cause damage to public property, many labor dispute services can carefully collect evidence, documenting what has occurred and which individuals are responsible for damages. Enlisting such security resources is one of the key ways of preventing damage to public property, helping to hold those who act inappropriately accountable for their actions.

Personal Injuries to Members of the Public

Unionized workforces may take to social media to encourage the general public to join in on picketing, encouraging others to show support and pressure the employer to give in to union demands. At these times, this is a recipe for disaster for the employer as many public supporters are totally unaware of the security risks that come with a picket line. Calls for support from the public could bring hundreds of additional supporters to the picket line, requiring additional security resources and collaborating with local law enforcement in order to keep the peace.

Should a member of the public be injured when joining in on a picket line, employers will need to demonstrate that they took extensive measures in order to protect all parties involved, including the public. Protecting the business calls for not just security services for the picket line, but also partnerships with third-party labor dispute companies that detail the company’s dedication to promoting safety across every layer of a worker strike.

Full Services Solutions For Work Stoppages

Call upon AFIMAC Global to provide full-service worker strike solutions for your business, addressing the need for picket line security and evidence gathering. When there are concerns that the risks from a heated picket line will spill into the immediate community, it is always in an employer’s best interest to explore options that look beyond the immediate job site.

AFIMAC specializes in labor disputes, capable of documenting the actions of picketers, providing contingent workforces, and even working to secure the C-suite’s home. Utilize intelligence-gathering techniques to take a temperature read of ongoing strikes, and know exactly when additional security resources are required. Every labor strike is different, and AFIMAC can help throughout the entire process. 

Fill out the form below and begin the planning process today. AFIMAC representatives are ready to serve employers across North America and across multiple industries. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can see great benefits from the many offerings for AFIMAC, contact us now to learn more.

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