Plant closure security services are called upon by an employer about to lay off his factory staff.

Plant Closure Security Services

Plant Closure Security Services: Planning for High-Risk Worker Layoffs with AFIMAC Response

January 11, 2024

Plant Closure Security Services and Preparation for Employers

Plant closure security services for high-risk layoff scenarios callPlant closure security services illustrated by a forklift parked in a warehouse. for extensive response plans to be made well in advance of an employee termination. Employers continue to make difficult cuts to their workforces, especially in the manufacturing, logistics, and banking industries, and large-scale layoffs can prompt security risks in many different ways. Aside from having an employee become emotional or angry when they are terminated, the risks extend beyond the job site to managers and senior leadership.

When planning for layoffs and high-risk terminations, consider every possible risk to the people and property that make up your business. AFIMAC risk management services can help companies carefully plan for the unthinkable, with response plans in place that can be called upon in the event something unfortunate should occur. 

Plant Closure Security Services and Risk Response Planning

Consider the possibility that when a business has no other choice but to shut down its multiple job sites and lay off its entire workforce, the reactions from terminated employees and the general public are likely to be negative. Ensuring that your former staff leaves the building without incident might be the least of an employer’s worries; it’s what happens after that poses real risks to the job site, executive teams, and your remaining workforce. 

Truly anything can happen when a business decides to close its doors. High-risk worker terminations can create security risks days, sometimes weeks after the closure itself. Employers will have to explore a number of risk mitigation solutions to consider these possibilities, along with what could happen upon their return. The onus of preventing workplace violence still falls on the employers themselves, and many business leaders could face liability concerns without any efforts in place.

Considering the Risks of Active Shooters

Having an active shooter visit your job site after being laid off is something that many employers would rather not think about. The truth is that these types of incidents are possible and should be planned for. Pre-layoff planning from AFIMAC considers these possibilities and provides preemptive and response solutions that can keep employers informed while taking reasonable steps to prevent such tragic events.

Simply collaborating with a qualified third-party security company or risk management firm shows an employer’s dedication to keeping their workforce safe. AFIMAC can monitor and assess risks while providing response solutions when there is an imminent threat. AFIMAC offers traditional security services, intelligence gathering, and private investigation tools that can gather information before and after a large-scale factory or manufacturing layoff.

When there are suspicions that specific individuals could pose a risk to themselves or others, AFIMAC can monitor such individuals, including their movements, and notify employers should they plan to take further actions.

Plant Closure Security and the Risk of Public Backlash

Employers will also need to consider the possibility that a large layoff may see a sharp response from the public, especially in small rural towns across North America. Planning for such concerns can include intelligence-gathering services and social media monitoring to track public response. When the general public is angered by recent business decisions, AFIMAC can offer reports, identify threats or boycotts, and spot planned protests before they occur. AFIMAC can also provide extensive security resources to protect the home, offices, and personal lives of an executive.

In the event the public is planning to demonstrate or picket an employer, the details of such events are usually discussed in great detail on public forums for all to see. AFIMAC gathers these important details for senior leadership, along with offering response plans that can mitigate risks before the protest event itself. Such information is critical in managing risk against your business, allowing you to pivot your resources in order to brace for such an event. Lean on private investigation tools to tap into social chatter and monitor the response of a recent factory closure, or an individual employee. There are a number of warning signs of workplace violence that can be closely monitored and investigated, helping employers brace for issues before they ever happen.

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AFIMAC Response Services & High-Risk Employee Terminations

The best plant closure security includes extensive preparation and having AFIMAC response plans in place several weeks before a layoff. Oftentimes, effective risk mitigation consists of a mix of security forces, private investigation tactics, and social media monitoring to cover every possible detail of risk. Active shooter scenarios have many clues that are revealed well before something occurs, and AFIMAC can provide the right intelligence to prevent such incidents from ever occurring. 

When the public decides that their next course of action is to picket or demonstrate at your job site, the risks are extensive. Lean on AFIMAC to consider every detail of public backlash, from a plant closure or large layoff to locking down the job site, monitoring picket line activity, and documenting property damage. 

Many of AFIMAC’s response solutions are available to employers on a deployment basis, meaning that it costs very little to engage with AFIMAC and have response plans in place. When security forces are required, or there are threats to the business or senior leadership, AFIMAC brings resources to your job site.

Proud to serve the C-suite executives of many well-known brands across North America, AFIMAC remains highly capable of mitigating risk facing any business in Canada and the United States. We bring resources directly to your workplace, capable of deploying fleets of security resources when they are called upon. AFIMAC also serves government entities, religious institutions, and any employer with duty of care concerns.

Fill out the form below to speak with an AFIMAC representative today and learn more about our offerings and how AFIMAC can help you monitor and manage risk with our response planning. Bring resources wherever they need to be and have plans in place for the absolute worst possible scenario. Your efforts will be crucial in preventing injuries and ensuring that your business can refocus after a difficult mass layoff.

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