Contingency Planning for
Businesses: Labor Strikes

Contingency Planning for Businesses: Labor Strikes

November 8, 2023

Contingency Planning for Businesses: Exploring Available Solutions

Contingency planning for businesses in North America can work to address the complexities of labor strikes. A sudden labor stoppage can bring any job site’s productivity to a complete halt, with employers struggling to make ends meet with a workforce that is suddenly picketing rather than working. With the likelihood of union strikes slowly increasing in 2022 and 2023, every industry should be exploring the benefits of a business contingency plan that speaks to the uncertain nature of worker strikes.

AFIMAC Global remains well-positioned to help employers of all kinds plan for and mitigate the challenges associated with labor strikes. AFIMAC maintains extensive contingent workforces and can offer planning solutions that preemptively address risk before it harms the business. AFIMAC continues to partner alongside private and public entities to address the potential risks and help plan for disruptions in many different forms.

Contingency Planning for Businesses illustrated by an AFIMAC specialist planning on a laptop.

Contingency Planning for Businesses: Here’s Where to Start

For employers exploring a business contingency plan example, the truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when planning for disruption. Every business is unique, and depending on the nature of your industry, the state of your workforce, and its location, the “risk landscape” is unique to your business. For instance, employers who maintain unionized workforces are more vulnerable to an organized labor strike, while other companies might be more concerned about a lack of skilled talent available in the local area. Disruption exists in endless forms, and employers should be consistently planning for risks of all kinds. In some cases, should an employer fail to address possible risks, it could compromise your ability to provide a safe workplace and result in your staff experiencing a personal injury.

Proper business contingency planning calls for the services of a specialized third party that considers every detail. Business contingency planning conducted by AFIMAC explores every possible issue that could affect your company. AFIMAC can help you outline and address every potential risk, along with considerations on how union strikes, natural disasters, and political activism could impact the business.

Considering the Risk of Labor Strikes & Work Stoppages

Worker strikes continue to be far more common than they were in previous years. Many unionized workforces are demanding more from their employer, either in the form of increased wages or work arrangements. Properly preparing for a unionized worker strike is no simple task, and employers must arrange for contingent workforces well in advance of an actual strike. Difficult strikes can also create several security risks for executive teams and striking employees and often call for pre-strike planning that can ensure the safety of everyone involved.

At times, striking workers could create issues of vandalism, harassment and endanger the general public. Worker strike security solutions help manage the complications of an ongoing strike and simultaneously protect both people and property. 

AFIMAC can actively work to develop business contingency plans with full-service resources that can step in and offer solutions when called upon. Many industries remain in a difficult spot post-pandemic and simply can’t afford to lose out on days or even weeks of productivity. AFIMAC can offer immediate workforce solutions in the form of contingent laborers that are dispatched directly to the job site, helping you manage labor disruptions and ensure productivity regardless of whether your workforce is on strike. 

Partner Alongside AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC is proud to work alongside our clients in the manufacturing, factory, warehouse, and logistics sectors, successfully helping them identify and plan for risks in all their forms. Whether you are concerned about the weather, natural disasters, or an organized union strike, AFIMAC can not only assess and identify the associated risks but also offer fully-service contingency solutions that can help any employer prevent disruption before it happens. Actively plan for risk and disruption and tap into resources from AFIMAC Global that includes deployable contingent workforces, comfort operations, and mobile accommodations that support North American businesses facing challenges of all kinds.

Explore the full range of business continuity services available to you on behalf of AFIMAC Global.

Are you prepared for the challenges of 2024? Actively work to address labor uncertainty that could impact your business. Contact us directly and fill out the form below to properly prepare for complications associated with labor strikes and natural disasters.

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