24-7 Security Services For
Deterring Vandalism

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24-7 Security Services For Municipal Government and Schools Across North America

24-7 security services can be called upon when government entities or even private businesses are concerned about vandalism to their property. Art installations, historical monuments, billboards, and even places of nature are vulnerable to vandalism which can leave long-lasting impressions that are costly to restore. In many cases, repeated instances of vandalism can paint a company in a bad light, harm its reputation within the community, and leave businesses scrambling for options.

24-7 security services are likely necessary to address the disturbing trend of hate-motived vandalism being experienced across the continent. Explore solutions with AFIMAC Global and take a zero-tolerance approach to such incidents.

Public and private organizations can enlist a 24-7 security company such as AFIMAC that offers a mix of traditional security guard services, and ongoing monitoring that preemptively addresses vandalism. Examine the risk facing your physical properties and pay a small price to protect what could be a fortune to repair.

24-7 Security Services illustrated by a monument.

24-7 Security Services For Vandalism of Public Property

Public property including rainbow sidewalks, signage that celebrates LGBTQ+ pride, or simple displays of political affiliations have been common targets for vandalism in many public spaces. The growing trend across North America has seen public property experience new levels of “hate-motived” vandalism that is often intended to stir unrest in communities and attract attention from local media outlets. Parks, hiking trails, and even shopping malls across North America continue to experience instances of vandalism that were once nuisances but are now troubling incidents of hate.

In other cases, vandals have looked to historical monuments to inscribe hate-filled messages on community moments, historical statues, or along the sidewalks of community centers. Either fueled by racism, politics, or disdain for other community groups, the public and private entities tasked with bringing this to an end face difficult challenges that call for extensive security resources. Monitoring a site that has been targeted for vandalism is simple enough, but preventing it calls for a mix of intelligence gathering, documentation, and security forces that are prepared for this complex task. 

Calling upon your staff to monitor or prevent instances of vandalism could put your workforce in harm’s way. The safest approach is to partner alongside a third-party security company that has extensive experience addressing hate-motivated vandalism. AFIMAC Global can dispatch security resources directly to a site where governments and private businesses are concerned about upcoming incidents of vandalism. AFIMAC maintains extensive security resources that can not only prevent these incidents from occurring but also provide information that can hold vandals accountable for their actions.

Security That Prevents Vandalism of School and University Property

Schools have also been subject to much of the same hate-motived vandalism that has grown in prominence post-pandemic. Bad actors have defaced the exterior of schools, buses, and playgrounds across North America, proving difficult to deter even with the assistance of local law enforcement. While some instances are one-off occasions of vandalism, some cases have become recurring, even escalating to more serious property damage. These challenges remain complex feats to address, and public entities should be aware of the possibility that if they are left unchecked, could grow into far more worrisome incidents of hate.

Concerning trends in vandalism have also emerged on popular social media channels, encouraging students to seriously damage their own schools. Not only do these “challenges” pose a risk to property, but it has also encouraged students to document themselves assaulting teachers in an effort to gain more views on their social media profiles. These social trends are the latest risk factor impacting public entities of all kinds, calling for a mix of both intelligence gathering tools and security resources to ensure the safety of all members of North America’s school systems.

Security Solutions From AFIMAC Global, Contact Us Now

Partner alongside AFIMAC Global to not only leverage 24-7 security services but to also take a deep dive into the risks facing your community or school system. As one of the global leaders in protection and security, AFIMAC can act as an outside consultant to help you address hate-motivated vandalism or other crimes impacting your property or workforce. We maintain not only extensive traditional security resources but also a number of unique social listening tools that can track and monitor groups that pose risks.

Vandalism or property damage is often preventable but calls for extensive planning to not only deter vandals but also send a message that such incidents will not be tolerated. The full-service offerings of AFIMAC specialize in complex risks such as repeated vandalism and hate-motivated crimes. We bring along decades of experience in not just security, but also law enforcement, military, and risk mitigation, implementing such experience into our daily work.

Contact us today to learn more about the role AFIMAC Global can play in managing risk and deterring vandalism. We continue to serve many government entities across North America with some of their most complex security concerns. Tap into security resources that bring an end to your challenges and refocus on more important matters.

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