The Top Red Flags You Need Executive Security Services

February 20, 2024

Executive Security Services for North American Executives

Executive security services offer the peace of mind needed for senior leaders facing any sort of security risk. When senior leaders make unpopular business decisions or negotiate with their unionized workforce, they can face public backlash along with complex security issues exclusive to them.

Know what could pose a risk to your job site, vehicle, home, and family life; preemptively prepare for issues to mitigate them.

Executive Security Services and The Top Warnings That Warrant a Call to AFIMAC Global

Collaborating with a security company such as AFIMAC Global can help high-asset individuals, executives, and anyone of prominence plan for and address risks that require close protection bodyguard services during every moment of the day.

Executive security services illustrated by an AFIMAC agent watching over a black SUV.

Security risks present many warnings before harm is caused, and executive teams should consider which warning signs require executive protection

10. Personal Information Leaks

When private information, including home addresses, cell phone numbers, or personal email addresses, ends up on social media, it is likely time to consider the greater risks a data leak could present. With such information in the wrong hands, it could be sold on the dark web to the highest bidder, used as an intimidating tactic, or to facilitate an invasion of an executive’s home.

AFIMAC can help identify how leaks of personal information have occurred and work to scrub sensitive information off the web. Assess the risks and determine what protective measures should be taken.

9. Calls for Strikes or Unionization

When workforces threaten to strike or are considering unionization, the resulting security risks could cause serious personal injuries. Upcoming labor disputes present complex security risks, especially when left without a security response. Should labor disputes go on for extended periods, some workers may threaten leadership or their family members in person or online. Crossing picket lines as an executive is also a dangerous feat and often calls for the services of AFIMAC agents and protective drivers to assist. Leadership can prepare alongside AFIMAC, with most costs incurred only when security resources are deployed to your location.

8. Social Media Outrage and Public Fury

When leadership is forced to make challenging decisions, it often never comes without some form of security risk. AFIMAC can help monitor the public’s unpopular responses, including workforce layoffs, price increases, or support for political causes. Conduct threat risk assessments on individuals who are especially upset and consider deeper precautions. 

7. Calls for Public Boycotts of Your Business

Price increases in the grocery sector have resulted in public boycotts of specific businesses. The same can be said for players in the meat and dairy sector, where business practices are carefully dissected on public forums and message boards. When executives catch wind of these boycotts, certain angry individuals might be one social post away from taking their efforts to something more extreme. 

6. Anonymous and Intimidating Emails

Whether they are from the public or your workforce, it is simply far too easy for anyone to hide behind the anonymity of the internet to intimidate others. These issues always warrant a deeper investigation, along with an assessment as to whether security resources should be dispatched to the home and office.

5. Concerning Social Media Posts from Your Staff

When staff are frustrated with their work arrangements, they tend to vent their frustrations on their social channels. A deeper look into the social presence of an angry or unwell worker may reveal deeper risks, threats to staff, or even an interest in firearms that could be a sign of a potential active shooter situation. Dig deeper with the private investigation tools of AFIMAC and conduct corporate investigations before someone is harmed.

4. Vandalism to Corporate Property and Executive Vehicles

Sudden vandalism to the job site or an executive’s vehicle is a sure sign that leadership needs around-the-clock executive protection. Questions remain as to who and why someone did this, and security precautions should be taken as soon as possible when this occurs.

3. Planned Protests or Public Demonstrations at the Workplace

When the public has simply had enough and lost its cool, people can do highly unpredictable things. Anything can happen during a heated political protest or labor dispute, and the response should include much more than executive protection agents.

2. Explicit Threats of Violence

It’s not outside the realm of possibility that some workers on strike may outright threaten to harm executive leadership. Around-the-clock executive protection at home can provide peace of mind for your family during these difficult times.

1. Visits at the Executive’s Home

Unexpected visitors and home invasion attempts are terrible experiences for anyone and must immediately prompt a security response from AFIMAC.

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Executive Security Services: AFIMAC Security Response Solutions

AFIMAC Global is by your side during any security concerns. Effective executive protection calls for ongoing risk management practices that leverage security resources and intelligence. Whatever your security issues are, contact AFIMAC Global to learn more about your options, including planning and response services.

AFIMAC remains entirely non-political and continues to proudly serve public and private entities, including Fortune 500 companies, universities, politicians, and religious leaders all over North America.

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