Maintain Dominance Within Your Global Marketplace

AFIMAC brings well over 30 years of technical services tailored to the needs of corporations and HR professionals. Ensure the quality of your workforce with AFIMAC, offering a complete one-stop suite of services to prevent theft and cover a corporation’s due diligence. AFIMAC can leverage relationships with international criminal registries to help your company make important decisions regarding executive members and employees.

AFIMAC also maintains partnerships across the world and can perform a wide range of services for companies of all sizes. This includes technological advantages only available through AFIMAC, ensuring the safety of your workforce, and preventing potential fraud.

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Maintain your competitive advantage and leverage information and technology that is only available only through AFIMAC.

GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Ensure the safety of your employees with GPS Tracking and Monitoring.

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Digital Forensics

Identify, acquire, and analyze evidence pertaining to criminal matters, policy contraventions, and civil litigation.

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Background Checks

Ensure the quality of your workforce with extensive criminal background checks.

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Security Countermeasures

Develop integrated solutions to prevent the interception of sensitive corporate data.

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