Security Services for Hospitals: Protecting Your Job Site and Skilled Workforces

February 9, 2024

Security Services for Hospitals in North America

Security services for hospitals have slowly become a necessity as these workplaces become increasingly dangerous. Incidents of harassment and violent assault have increased in a post-pandemic world, and many employers must grapple with finding solutions to the risks that are impacting skilled workforces. Hospital security officers play an important role during these challenging times, while a greater risk mitigation strategy can employers take the extra step to protect all parties involved.

Duty of care obligations on behalf of employers has become highly complicated due to the sudden rise in workplace incidents and violence. Address the challenges facing healthcare clinics, hospitals, and entire health networks head-on by partnering directly alongside AFIMAC Global.

Security Services For Hospitals: Evolving Risks in Healthcare

Two hospital security guards patrol hallways.

The nature of work in healthcare has shifted in a troubling direction over the last ten years, made worse by the challenges related to the pandemic. Those who work in the healthcare space, including administrative and support staff, are facing some of the highest levels of violence and risk in any kind of workplace in North America. Far more dangerous than working in a prison or law enforcement environment, these workforces need continuous support in order to provide the best care possible.

In fact, prior to the pandemic, these types of workplaces were already facing a crisis of violence. Everything from minor injuries and active shooter incidents created a challenging environment, putting workforces, patients, and visitors at risk. The pandemic made these workplaces much more dangerous; combining an increase in caseload, labor shortages, and ongoing workforce burnout, it has been a slow-moving disaster in the making.

Assessing Risk With Third-Parties

In Virginia, new state laws have forced hospitals to have 24-7 security in place to address ongoing safety concerns. In California, one hospital has dispatched a canine unit to deter workplace violence and patrol the grounds, a subtle show of force from a unit capable of sniffing out drugs and firearms on the premises. While these changes are promising, not all healthcare facilities have such resources, especially in rural locations that continue to be plagued by labor shortages. In order to effectively address such risks, hospitals will need to implement far more than traditional security guards, exploring options that tap into talent beyond their immediate location. 

Risk continues to evolve in the healthcare field, sometimes daily, and third-party security companies can work to examine risk and offer up security resources that protect entire workforces. Third-party risk assessments conducted by security companies like AFIMAC often reveal vulnerabilities and solutions that are not spotted by your own internal security teams. Third-party consultation can even be used to demonstrate an employer’s dedication to addressing the security risks in healthcare, ultimately protecting the employer itself and paying dividends in the long run.

Tapping Into Security For Hospitals

Once risk is identified, AFIMAC can consider your needs and dispatch security forces directly to your job site. We maintain extensive personnel across North America, including traveling security workforces who are accustomed to such work, helping you tap into resources despite ongoing labor shortages. When labor is unavailable in your immediate area, AFIMAC sources talent beyond the job site, taking care of HR and logistical details in the process. 

Such services can be utilized when security risks are especially high, or your workforce needs additional support. In fact, whatever your labor needs might be, AFIMAC can work to address them on your behalf and provide solutions to both labor shortages and security risks that are likely to persist beyond 2023.

Explore Security Services From AFIMAC Global

As an employer, you have a moral and legal responsibility to take on the challenges facing healthcare in North America. AFIMAC is your partner during these difficult times, capable of addressing both security issues and labor shortages simultaneously. When you need personnel, AFIMAC can facilitate such resources while you continue to recruit or utilize your own internal security teams.

Risk assessments from AFIMAC leverage the decades of experience in private security rooted in extensive time spent in law enforcement and the U.S. military. We remain highly capable of spotting risks that many employers overlook, helping you secure the job site, and exploring the next steps. Our database of workers includes not just security personnel, but also support staff with wide skill sets including everything from administration to maintenance workers. 

AFIMAC knows few boundaries and is capable of serving any client across North America. Explore ways of responding to the workplace violence crises plaguing healthcare, but also explore both immediate solutions such as security forces, but also workplace violence training that can prepare your staff for what could happen on the job site.

Contact us directly to begin the process and speak with an AFIMAC Global representative today.

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