Event Security for Trade Shows
That Attract Political Activists

Event Security for Trade Shows That Attract Political Activists

May 11, 2023

Event Security Solutions for Corporate Events

Event security is a necessary element for any successful trade show or corporate event. But when your industry draws the attention of political activists and protestors, traditional event security services may not be enough. Not all event security companies are made equally, and some security services may not be able to properly address certain risks. Hosting a trade show or corporate event in the food, dairy, farming, meat, forestry, and energy sectors often draws negative attention that could generate real security threats. 

Political activism, including picketing, vandalism, and demonstrations, has become much more common in recent years, with many activists targeting workplaces and trade show events. When a demonstration occurs at a trade show, the hosts of such events face liability risks for personal injuries, property damage, and criminal violence. Proper risk mitigation often calls for so much more than a physical security presence. A 360-degree approach can help trade show hosts plan for, predict, and manage threats of political activism and ensure the safety of attendees.

Event Security, Liability, and Personal Injury

One of the worst-case scenarios for the hosts of a trade show is not the risk of political activism but the risk of personal injury. Should political activists clash with attendees, the negative experience could turn into a liability issue if the host was found to have not taken proper measures to protect their guests. There is even a risk that if a protestor or activist injures themselves during the event, the host could eventually be held liable for that personal injury.

Some political activists will climb buildings, vandalize vehicles, and gain entry to your trade show through nefarious means. If such risks aren’t mitigated, organizers of trade shows could face liability concerns if an activist is injured, even if they were partaking in criminal activity. There truly are no limitations to what can happen when a political activist successfully gains entry to a trade show event. Their efforts could harm your reputation as a host, hurt others, or embarrass your guests.

Event Security and Access Control for Trade Shows

Physical security presences can control the flow of people coming in and out of your trade show, ensuring that only those invited can gain access. Locking down your corporate event space and identifying possible entry points is just one aspect of a full-security audit from companies such as AFIMAC. Extensive pre-planning and security resources can work to protect your attendees and ensure your trade show event goes along without complication. 

Protective drivers can also be enlisted to shuttle VIPs to and from the event space. If out-of-town executives and corporate leaders must travel internationally to visit your trade show, executive protection services from AFIMAC can handle every detail of travel arrangements.  When issues do arise, security resources can step in, take control of the situation, and work to protect your guests. 

Event Security and Social Listening Tools

Hosts of large trade shows can take additional measures to identify risks and threats well before the event even begins. Ongoing monitoring and threat analysis can help avoid liability issues. Some activists may even go to the location of a trade show before the event starts, scoping out their targets and gathering information for a planned protest. Surveillance efforts can actively work to spot risks before they grow into something much worse, helping you prepare for and protect all parties involved. 

AFIMAC maintains extensive social listening tools that can tap into the conversations of political activists and identify if there are any risks facing your event. Oftentimes, protests are quietly planned on social media among activists, and AFIMAC can gather intelligence to pinpoint when a demonstration will occur. Such information can help to adjust your security resources and brace for flash protests, heated demonstrations, and picketing.

Event Security and Risk Mitigation by AFIMAC

Leave the complexities of trade show and event security to a qualified company. AFIMAC continues to work alongside a number of industries that attract negative attention from political activists at their workplaces, trade shows, and events.

A large trade show is a perfect opportunity for political activists to drive home their message, and corporate entities should be looking to manage these risks well before they happen. Actively plan for and mitigate the risks of political activism at trade shows and ensure your event goes as planned without any complications.To learn more about your options, fill out the form below and begin your risk mitigation strategy for trade shows and corporate events.

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