Address Staff and Support Personnel Injuries During an Emergency

Natural disasters can place companies in dire situations. In some emergencies, a company might require employees to work in a compromised facility with limited access to food, water, and shelter.

Injuries to staff, support personnel, on-site contractors, and local citizens result too often when a disaster occurs. AFIMAC can provide mobile medical facilities immediately to assess and address short and long-term needs. Depending on the size of the project or scale of the disaster, the facilities range from large climate-controlled portable shelters to customized medical clinics equipped with the latest testing and emergency medical supplies.

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AFIMAC Can Deploy Certified Nurses to Your Location

AFIMAC can deploy certified nurses and trained medical staff with the appropriate skills needed to manage anything from superficial cuts and bruises to emergency triage. AFIMAC can also assist in establishing a triage system where staff can decipher between those that can be helped on-site, and serious cases that require transportation to hospitals. In remote locations, telemedicine services can give patients access to doctors via satellite so they can be diagnosed and set up with a treatment plan to address specific medical needs even though they may be thousands of miles away.
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