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Is Understaffing the Root Cause
of Never-Ending Labor

Is Understaffing the Root Cause of Never-Ending Labor Shortages?

November 21, 2023

Understaffing and Labor Shortage Solutions that Include Contingent Workers

Understaffing and labor shortages work hand-in-hand in today’s market, as employers have very few immediate solutions to shortages of skilled workers. Labor shortages in manufacturing have persisted across North America as the working conditions and employment offerings simply haven’t attracted talent like they once did. 

understaffing illustrated by an empty hospital bed.

As employers closely consider how to attract and recruit workers, increased wages and benefits may not be enough to fill skilled positions in certain sectors. When candidates are aware that their new work opportunity will put them in stressful and understaffed working conditions, they could look elsewhere entirely.

Understaffing in Manufacturing

Thin workforces in manufacturing have caused delays in production, with employers scrambling to shift processes to complete the same job with far fewer human resources. One safety-focused entity, with data that suggested that well over 70% of workers are under “intense pressure” while on the clock. As a result, manufacturing job sites are experiencing increased delays, along with unsafe working conditions that make job sites far more prone to workplace injuries than ever before.

Labor Issues In Healthcare, Nursing, and Prisons

Manufacturing isn’t the only industry impacted by understaffing, either. Hospitality, healthcare, prisons, and eldercare have experienced historic labor challenges that have workforces threatening to strike and walk off the job, all while negatively impacting the quality of work. Many employers continue to trim budgets to make ends meet, creating working conditions that are stressful and exhausting for existing team members. When it comes time to hire, understaffed job sites will struggle to recruit qualified candidates due to working conditions.

Understaffing in nursing homes has become so dire that in America faces the possibility of closure due to labor challenges. In the prison industry, some prisons have experienced inmate escapes because of overcrowding and understaffing.

Staffing Solutions: Identifying the Cause of Labor Shortages

As this labor crisis persists, these issues are about so much more than higher wages, such as work-life balance, working conditions, and job sites that have the human resources in place to complete the task at hand. Candidates are aware of the situation facing these industries and know full well that it is a buyer’s market for anyone with the right skillsets. Employers are likely to face recruitment challenges if they fail to support existing staff members and give the workforce what they need to complete their work without facing exhaustion. If the employer has a reputation that they expect their employees to work hard with fewer resources, it will not attract talent in the future.

Employers will need to first resolve issues of understaffing before hiring skilled talent or face the prospect that top candidates will never step foot onto your job site.

Labor Solutions Available Alongside AFIMAC Global

Tapping into local talent offers little reprieve to these issues, especially if the job site has a reputation for being understaffed or stressful. Employers will need to consider bringing talent from beyond the immediate candidate pool to resolve short-staffing concerns in the near term.

Resolve your understaffing concerns by leveraging mobile and contingent workforces to support your business during these challenging times. AFIMAC’s traveling workforce provides low-skilled and general laborers on-demand, bringing staff to the job site for assignments of all kinds. Support your existing workforce to improve working conditions as soon as possible and relieve exhausted staff members so that they can come back to the job site rested. AFIMAC serves an endless variety of industries, historically supporting manufacturing employers in both Canada and the United States. 

AFIMAC can even provide fleets of low-skilled workers to support skilled workforces in nursing, healthcare, and prisons, providing the human resources necessary to address short-staffing concerns. Use labor to respond to staffing crises and continue to recruit while utilizing workforce solutions from AFIMAC. We manage all HR-related screening, hiring, accommodations, and transportation so that employers can tap into human resources on short notice.

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Fill out the form below to learn more about your options. AFIMAC also provides business continuity planning for incredibly low costs, helping you prepare for short-staffing or surges in demand before they happen. Most fees are incurred the moment AFIMAC workers are deployed to your job site. Contact us now to learn more.

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