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Personal Security for Media,
Journalists, and Reporters
in North America

Personal Security for Media, Journalists, and Reporters in North America

October 12, 2023

Personal Security for Media Organizations In North America

Personal security for media, journalists, and news personalities can work to protect those who have dedicated their lives to reporting the news. Employers and news agencies are being left in a difficult position as now, more than ever, journalists across print, television, and radio have been targeted online and in-person for harassment because of the work they do. Personal bodyguards and protection officers are just one way employers can manage these risks that could grow beyond online threats to very serious security risks.

Even as the landscape of fair and balanced journalism continues to come under attack from bad actors, employers still have a legal obligation to provide a safe workplace free from criminal harassment and violent assault. Duty of care for media conglomerates remains highly complex, especially for corporations that must send their staff to dangerous locations. Protect your human resources and enlist close protection officers and specialized drivers from AFIMAC to ensure the safe movements of journalists and media teams in North America and worldwide. 

Personal Security for Media illustrated by a protection agent carefully watching over a reporter.

Personal Security Issues Experienced by Media and Journalists

Duty of care is an important issue for many employers but is typically reserved for employers who maintain traveling workforces. For American and Canadian media organizations, duty of care complications have grown into complex issues at home, with many journalists and media facing harassment while working in their own neighborhoods. Many bad actors have hidden behind anonymous social accounts, sometimes uttering threats of physical violence against writers and media personalities that speak the truth about the happenings in their community.

This ultimately complicates the professional lives of many media workers, promoting a sense of fear and complicating their reporting efforts. Simply working out in the “field” has become an issue, where staff face altercations with the general public and are subject to both verbal and physical harassment. For whatever reason, many everyday people have turned their anger and frustrations against journalists. When media have fairly reported on topics surrounding vaccine mandates, freedom convoys, and government restrictions, they have been met with intimidation, threats of violence, and harassment.

Harassment of female journalists and media personalities is, unfortunately, growing to be especially problematic across the globe and in North America. Women in media quietly experience many negative interactions with the public while simply doing work they were hired to complete. They experience threats of violence hidden behind anonymous emails and social accounts. Left unaddressed, employers face the liability issues of having their staff work in a dangerous environment.

Security Services for Media and Reporters

Traditional media agencies play an important role in holding others accountable for their actions. Without the services of print and radio journalists, many issues that impact North American communities can never be brought to light. Employers searching for solutions can leverage the resources of AFIMAC to help their staff conduct business and mitigate the risks that come with news reporting in 2023.

Duty of care for the employers that report on the news remains highly complex. Without the proper strategies, planning, and resources, they could face extensive liability issues and endless reputational damages. Personal protective agents from AFIMAC can help journalists complete their work while reducing the risks of harassment. Such services can be tailored to organizational needs, listening in on social conversations and pinpointing threats against specific reporters while helping your organization properly mitigate such risks.

AFIMAC can also take a deep dive into the threats uttered against media workers, both online and in-person, uncovering the source of threats while helping employers build a criminal case against specific people or organizations. Private investigators and security services from AFIMAC not only protect your staff but preemptively address threats. Third-party risk mitigation services also clearly demonstrate the efforts an employer is taking to protect staff and provide a safe place to work.

Security Solutions for Media Offered by AFIMAC

Work to address the security issues facing journalists in North America by partnering alongside AFIMAC. Explore several risk mitigation and executive protection solutions that get to the bottom of online threats while protecting journalists working among the public. Fill out the form below to start addressing your organization’s duty of care obligations and help your staff focus on work rather than security. AFIMAC maintains security resources across North America and South America, including Mexico. Plan for security risks and manage complications before they happen.

AFIMAC prides itself on its exceptional close protection services, suitable for religious leaders, executives, and politicians. As an international security company, AFIMAC is entirely non-political and capable of serving any entity. Fill out the form below to contact us directly to learn more..

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