Program Assessment and Policy Development for Active Shooter, Bullying, Harassment and Other Workplace Violence Issues

Comprehensive safety legislation at both the state/provincial, and federal levels requires employers to provide a safe working environment. Many companies set policies that are designed to keep them in compliance with these laws but ignore the real spirit of the law, which is to protect employees from bullying, harassment, and violence in the workplace.

AFIMAC recognizes that a company’s employees are its most valuable resource. To ensure their safety, AFIMAC’s management team aggressively works with clients to advise them on compliance issues and to assist in creating sound strategies that protect their workforce.

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Investigate and Mitigate Workplace Violence

AFIMAC can investigate allegations of harassment and bullying and help prepare preventative strategies to counter workplace violence incidences. AFIMAC strictly adheres to state laws when mitigating a client’s liability exposure. Investigations of employees must be warranted, and AFIMAC’s experienced management can conduct such investigations lawfully and discreetly.

AFIMAC provides training that speaks to the issues that fall under the broad definition of workplace violence. Companies receive guidance to develop policies that address the many different scenarios that can escalate into violent workplace incidents. Clients will learn how to recognize emerging problems and manage specific situations.

Active Shooter Preparedness Assessment and Response Planning

Have a plan. Stay safe.

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