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Mobile Trailers for Rent:
Long-Term Construction Sites

Mobile Trailers for Rent For Workplaces Across North America

December 20, 2023

Mobile Trailers for Rent: Supporting Workforces in Remote Parts of North America

Mobile trailers for rent from AFIMAC Global help employers provide safe and secure accommodations for their staff regardless of where the job site is located. Construction trailer rentals can be deployed across North America, well-suited to address the needs of the construction, pipeline, and forestry sectors. Deploy a construction office trailer directly to the job site, and support your staff, even in remote locations.

When logistical barriers challenge your job site, call upon AFIMAC to provide rental options that can house your staff and ensure assignments are completed on budget and on time. Offerings can be deployed to remote destinations or busy construction sites in major cities. Set up basecamp services wherever your company requires accommodations and make efforts to house your staff when work calls for extended stays away from your home office.

Mobile Trailers for Rent

Mobile Trailers for Rent: Construction Trailers on Demand

Setting up operations in locations with limited infrastructure presents unique logistics challenges, slowing progress and holding back productivity. The natural gas, petroleum, and oil sectors, in particular, regularly call upon their employees to work long hours, often away from home. Partnering with AFIMAC includes rental options for several mobile assets that can ensure the safety and comfort of your staff, especially when weather poses a concern.

From executive-style accommodations to mobile kitchens, lighting, and power generators, AFIMAC can provide full-service solutions to construction sites of all kinds for any industry. These resources include flexible rental options that are far more affordable than purchasing such assets outright, calling upon the right offerings when they are needed most. Let AFIMAC address the logistical challenges of transporting mobile assets to the job site and support your workforce regardless of where they are located. 

Serving The Pipeline Building Industry

Employers in the pipeline sector face some of the most complex logistical challenges, calling on their employees to head to the job site far from home and away from modern society. When work requires staff to construct pipelines in the depths of North America, there are often very few accommodation options available. Employers have the responsibility to provide a safe job site, along with sufficient accommodations that are both comfortable and free from reasonable risk. 

Non-traditional job sites for the pipeline building sector include not just logistical challenges but security risks as well. Employers may attract negative attention from small communities or environmental activists, challenging your staff with sabotage attempts, protests, and boycotts. Calling on AFIMAC to provide rental accommodations can include the deployment of a full “base camp” that includes security resources, power generators, and active threat monitoring. Pairing security with mobile trailers from AFIMAC means that employers can fulfill their duty of care obligations to provide a safe workplace free from risks that include political activism and organized protest.

Supporting Employers in Forestry

Employers in the forestry sector face similar challenges as the pipeline-building industry. Between logistics and political activism, staff working in these industries require so much more than standard mobile accommodation rentals, such as safety precautions that speak to the risks these employees face. At times, events of political activism can erupt in a matter of minutes, while environmental protestors risk life and limb to prevent the work of your staff.

Rental options and mobile assets from AFIMAC can safely house your staff, while our threat monitoring services can tap into the risks of political activism before it happens. Should risks arise, AFIMAC can deploy security resources directly to the job site, acting quickly to protect your staff. 

Mobile Resources and Equipment Offered by AFIMAC Global

Learn more about the many mobile assets of AFIMAC that are available for rent for long-term construction and forestry assignments. Tap into executive-style accommodations, mobile kitchens, showers, and handwash stations capable of providing a safe workplace anywhere in North America.

AFIMAC mobile assets can work in part with the many business continuity services available across the continent.

Additionally, consider whether, as an employer, you have done enough to protect your workforce from reasonable harm and explore duty-of-care solutions that can assess, monitor, and address risk before complications occur. AFIMAC specializes in addressing threats related to political and environmental activism, offering solutions that include not just accommodations but security resources available across North America.

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