Retail Security Services

Retail security services illustrated by a view of a shopping mall in Edmonton.

Retail Security Services For Businesses of All Kinds

Retail security services are being leveraged like never before as occurrences of shoplifting continue to run rampant across North America. Retail security guards are often not enough in today’s world, where your own store security can only offer so many solutions, especially when regular people indulge in shoplifting for the first time. As costs of living rise, grocery store shoplifting is just the beginning. Many well-known retail chains that sell tech products, women’s fashion, and even home decor retail will need to explore store security solutions that do so much more than control the flow of shoppers entering in and out of the retail space.

AFIMAC Global takes a 360-degree approach to assessing the risk of shoplifting in retail with full-service solutions that include far more than traditional security presences. Carefully document instances of shoplifting at your retail locations and actively work to hold individuals accountable for their actions. Gather intelligence on repeat offenders and build a legal case against those who have chipped away at profits and harmed your business. As inflation and rising costs of living hit regular people, corporate entities should consider that this trend is likely to become worse before it gets better.

Retail security services shown via a busy retail store and someone shoplifting.

Retail Security Services and Theft Prevention Solutions

The issue of “shrink” in retail stores has arrived in the discount industry, as one major dollar brand has recently claimed that the complication isn’t exclusive to their business, but is instead industry-wide. Grocery stores have experienced soaring shoplifting events as well, in some cases being simple crimes of opportunity, but also more coordinated shoplifting attempts targeting stores that are vulnerable to theft.

Retail security solutions are available now to luxury retail chains that are expecting increased instances of shoplifting. As the global trend of shoplifting takes hold, consider how your business plans to address the issue without putting your own staff in harm’s way.

As more and more merchandise leaves retail chains without payment, either via theft or supply chain losses, many major North American brands will need to explore solutions that protect the brand and the workforce itself. The concerning trend in shoplifting is likely to continue beyond 2023, with luxury brands being the next target. Home decor chains, women’s clothing brands, high-end consumer tech products, and jewelry stores have so much to lose in 2023 and 2024 should this shift in consumer behavior continue. The costs of exploring security solutions are small in comparison to the incredible losses that can be experienced in these retail sectors.

Security Considerations For High-End Retail Stores

Calling upon your own internal loss prevention team or even your retail staff to confront shoplifters presents far more problems than solutions. In the event one of your own employees is injured during a shoplifting altercation, it exposes the entire company to liability issues that are best avoided. Providing a safe space for your staff to come into work must be balanced with the need to protect your bottom line. While crimes of opportunity including smash-and-grab shoplifting are close to impossible to prevent, there are less invasive avenues for luxury retail giants that include both physical security presence and intelligence gathering tools.

Consider quietly collecting information on those who have shoplifted in the past and weighing the legal costs of formally pressing charges against the financial losses that are being experienced. One-off instances of shoplifting may not be worth the time and effort for the business, while repeated and ongoing shoplifting must be brought to a halt. As shoplifting becomes more commonplace across North America, many luxury goods locations should be bracing now for a busy holiday season where shoplifting events are likely to soar.

Services Deployable to Your Retail Locations

AFIMAC continues to expand its reach across Canada and the United States, capable of partnering with well-known retail brands including clothing stores, electronics stores, luxury goods retailers, jewelry, and much more. When risks become overwhelming to your original security forces, consider supplementing your security presence alongside AFIMAC Global. Explore solutions for any kind of risk including brazen robberies or looting.

Full-Service Solutions Offered by AFIMAC Global

Explore full-service solutions to retail theft and shoplifting across North America by partnering alongside AFIMAC. Leverage the incredible wealth of security experience available from the professionals at AFIMAC and assess the risk facing brick-and-mortar locations and even your supply chain system. 

AFIMAC doubles as both a security company and intelligence agency, capable of securing the job site and gathering information on individuals who have repeatedly stolen from your business. Carefully document instances of shoplifting at your retail store, and when the time is right, use this information to formally press charges against individuals or organized criminals.

When a luxury chain is concerned about coordinated attempts against individual stores, AFIMAC can utilize social listening tools to monitor chatter and pinpoint those who have organized and are leveraging social media to partake in criminal shoplifting. AFIMAC continues to partner alongside many well-known brands and retail stores that are actively looking to manage the losses tied to shoplifting. 

Contact us now by filling out the form below to learn more about the role AFIMAC can play for retail brands that sell luxury goods across North America.

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