Securing Events Vulnerable To Political Activism

Securing Events Vulnerable
To Political Activism

Securing events from political activism illustrated by a microphone on a stage.

Securing Events Such As Award Shows, Conferences, and Speaking Engagements

Securing events is necessary for any award show playing host to politicians, well-known corporate executives, and anyone in the public eye. AFIMAC can help you carefully plan for the potential risk of protests or political activists attempting to steal the show, either infiltrating your venue or protesting around the venue itself. Enlist security resources and protest management services to actively prepare for the potential risk that motivated political activists could ruin your next award show. 

Many activist groups see corporate award shows as the perfect opportunity to disrupt and cause a stir, ultimately drawing attention to their cause. Corporate clients and political parties can partner with a security company such as AFIMAC Global which offers so much more than traditional security guards. Use data and intelligence to your advantage and stay one step ahead of the political activists who plan to protest and picket event spaces across North America. With the right planning and intelligence gathering, your next award show can remain focused on those who are celebrated, rather than the individuals that present security risks.

Securing events illustrated by a row of guests at a political rally.

Securing Events That Attract Negative Attention From Activist Groups

Corporate entities in the food processing, farming, meat, and agriculture space experience incredible amounts of negative attention from political activists across North America. While many corporate giants are accustomed to such issues, even players across small-town and rural America are now being pinpointed by activists who are looking to disrupt your business and put others at risk.

Corporate events that bring together multiple businesses under one roof are prime opportunities for political activists to drive home their message. Some activists will risk trespassing in order to make a mockery out of the entire event. “Stage crashing,” picketing, and interruptions paint hosts of these award shows in negative lights, harming your organization’s reputation for years.

Assessing the risks of award shows and corporate events of this nature calls for not just physical security pressences, but also extensive intelligence gathering that can spot when and where protestors will strike. Carefully conducting effective protest management includes multiple layers of executive protection agents, dedicated security drivers, and endless planning to ensure the safety of all guests.

Risks Against Award Shows or Political Rallies

Political leaders experience endless attention from both sides of the political spectrum. When the time comes to host a community event or award show, celebrating your successes will likely come with security concerns from activists who are looking to picket, protest, or simply heckle during your award ceremony. Planning to secure a political award show considers every possible risk facing your guests while respecting an activist’s right to peacefully protest. However, there are many individuals who push the boundaries of what is legally acceptable, risking their own safety to gain entry to an event or vandalize the event space itself.

Deter uninvited guests from crashing your next award show with security offerings that plan for, monitor, and address political activism.

Many people of interest who have provided security risks to political leaders in the past are repeat offenders. AFIMAC can closely monitor the movements of these people of interest, helping security resources plan and rearrange resources in preparation for their arrival. When event hosts and political parties are kept in the know of the activist groups that pose concerns, they can stay one step ahead and avoid confrontation entirely. 

Offerings For Industry Leaders in Oil, Gasoline, and Natural Resource Sectors

Corporate entities in the natural gas and oil industries remain under the microscope by motivated political activists who often use social media to gain support. As a result, many of these activist groups are heavy users of social platforms, often calling on the public for increased support or revealing details of their next step. Using social media to organize a political protest remains a double-edged sword, affording the opportunity to quickly organize, but also revealing key details about planned protests and picket lines.

Executives who play in these spaces can listen in to these conversations and work to secure their next trade show, corporate event, or award show weeks before the event itself. Closely monitor protest activities and know for a certainty whether your event calls for increased security efforts that manage picket lines, vandalism, and infiltration.

Full-Services Security Services At Your Disposal

AFIMAC Global continues to work closely alongside political parties and corporate clients that have some of the most unique and complex security concerns. Award show planning is best conducted directly alongside a security company such as AFIMAC, capable of bringing resources directly to your event while leveraging intelligence gathering that works to protect guests. Services are available to all industries of all shapes and sizes including political parties, religious groups, or anyone expecting protest or interruption from the public. 

Executive protection agents from AFIMAC are kept well informed of planned protests targeting high-profile award shows, working to facilitate the safe movements of guests before, during, and after the event. Continuously monitor those who are security risks and call upon additional resources when required with the activist security specialists of AFIMAC. Fill out the form below to speak with a representative today and begin the process of securing events.

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