Contingent workforce solutions are deployable anywhere in North America for a wide variety of skillsets.

Contingent Workforce Solutions
That Are Always Ready

Contingent Workforce Solutions That Are Always Ready

September 27, 2023

Contingent Workforce Solutions: Tap Into Labor Anywhere in North America

Contingent workforce solutions from AFIMAC remain readily available for just about any industry experiencing labor shortages. Contingent staff solutions can address the complexities of business ownership in 2023 and help your company navigate labor turmoil that includes union strikes, walk-offs, or even natural disasters. The nature of work remains complicated as many employers struggle to hire and retain talent while facing the possibility of a strike that can bring productivity to a halt. Contingent staffing solutions should be in the back pocket of every senior leader and executive who is currently experiencing or expecting labor shortages in all forms.

Some industries simply can’t afford to come to a complete standstill, and as such, AFIMAC offers a full database of skilled contingent workers readily available to be deployed directly to your job site. Employers in rural parts of North America are especially challenged by labor shortages and continue to experience a simple lack of readily available workers. Such issues call for employers to revise their offerings and seek out youth to build workforces that will thrive for many years, a process that could take several years to complete.

Learn more about the contingent workforce solutions available to multiple industries across North America.

Mobile Labor Solutions Offered by AFIMAC

AFIMAC continues to tap into a new trend among workers: the need for flexibility. Many of the most skilled workers across North America want something different than full-time work to address the needs of their home and personal life. AFIMAC has built a database of such talent, filled with workers that are ready and willing to be sent out on temporary assignments to fulfill the needs of employers. Many of these workers have diverse skill sets, capable of stepping into a new job site and providing support that could prevent an entire halt in productivity. 

When contingent workforce services are called upon, AFIMAC handles every HR detail, including onboarding, screening, drug testing, travel, accommodations, and even food, allowing the employer to continue recruiting from their local talent pool while maintaining operations. By bringing staff from beyond the job site’s immediate area, AFIMAC can address labor issues that normal temporary agencies simply can’t speak to. Many of AFIMAC’s contingent workers are motivated to work extended hours while our supervisors handle the fine details of the assignment itself.

Contingent Workforce Solutions shown via manufacturing workers supporting an employer located in New Jersey.

Contingent Workforce Solutions for Manufacturing Sectors

Many AFIMAC workers are trained for the manufacturing industries and come equipped with the skills needed to manage labor turmoil. Food production, textile, petroleum, chemical manufacturing, metal fabrication, and skilled machinery workers can be dispatched to the job site in just a matter of days, allowing employers to leverage human resources that can either replace an entire workforce or support staff members that are facing burnout or sickness.

More importantly, many of these skilled workforce solutions are incredibly flexible, helping employers navigate the uncertainty of labor shortages. Many union strikes are unpredictable and could last for just a couple of short days or drag on for several weeks. AFIMAC’s workforce can be used for varying lengths of time without any complication.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions

North American healthcare sectors continue to experience some of the most significant labor shortages in any industry. While AFIMAC can’t deploy an entire fleet of skilled doctors or nurses, there are plenty of labor solutions that can work in supportive roles. Everything from security, drivers, cleaners, reception, food, and waste management can be dispatched to remote hospitals and healthcare facilities, helping mitigate the possibility of a complete halt in productivity and supporting entire healthcare networks while they continue to provide quality care.

Contingent Workforce Offerings by AFIMAC Global

Employers expecting a labor shortage or strike should begin planning the use of contingent workforces as soon as possible. Connect with us directly and speak with an AFIMAC representative to learn more about the available skilled talent ready to step in despite your business’s labor challenges.

Fill out the form below and explore service offerings from the leaders in contingent workforce solutions and temp labor, deployed anywhere in North America. AFIMAC continues to work side-by-side with many major employers across North America, helping to supply demand and speak to the unpredictable nature of labor shortages and strikes. 

Update as of January 4th, 2024: As labor shortages and turmoil persist into 2024, employers can tap into an incredible array of mobile workforce solutions, delivered to your job site. Begin exploring your options by connecting with AFIMAC directly, fill out the form now, and learn more about our offerings. Contact us now.

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